Abdel Badirr

by Ahmed from Anaheim

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The person who I admire, and is my biggest hero is my father. My father's name is Abdel Badirr. My dad is my hero because he supports me in basketball. My dad helps me get better in basketball, and buys my materials I need. My dad is also my hero because he helps me with homework when I need help or can't figure out a question. The main reason he is my hero because my dad is 52 years old, and still works from morning till night every day of the week just to put food on the table for me, and my family.

My father who is my hero was born 1961, in Sudan. Sudan is a known place in Africa it is also next to the Nile River. My father had five kids including me; he had three amazing girls who are my sister and one boy who is the best older brother you can have in the world. My father lived in Sudan for about 28 years then he came to California. When my dad took one step into this country he didn't have much money with him he had a hard time, but he worked hard knowing he has a degree in business he opened his own store which was a ninety nine-cent store. He opened that store by working for his cousin and saving his money up. My dad also went back to Sudan after a couple years to marry my mom.

My hero only faced two major hardships that devastated him. One of those hardships was going to play professional soccer but he injured his foot in soccer. He went through a tough time he was in pain he was on crutches for about one month and a half. Even after his injury he could still never play like he could ever again so he had to face that him playing soccer was over. The second hardship my dad faced was losing a child I had one sibling that did not make it to this life. My dad was crying for two days. My dad is a strong person it took him a while to face that his sun was gone, but he became calm and moved on.

My dad has many accomplishments. He achieved many things in his life, but the three main accomplishments were one marrying my beautiful mom which he loves very much. My mom and dad have been married for 21 years they had their ups, and down, but at the end of the day they love each other so much. The second accomplishment was going to college my dad was very happy he went to college because he proved himself that he can do anything after going to college. My dad had a passion for school he loved to go and learn something new. The last accomplishment he achieved was having five amazing kids. My father is a very caring person because when we get hurt no matter if it was a big accident or small, he will not stop helping until we are 100 % fine.

The reason I admire my dad is because he supports me in what I do one hundred percent no matter what it is. My father has always been proud of me, and he tells me that all the time. Me and my dad wake up early in the morning everyday on the weekend and go to the park to play basketball it's usually about sixty degrees outside but we still go and if I say no he pushes me to do it that is why he is my hero. My dad helps me get better in basketball by teaching me how to dribble and shoot better. When I practice with my dad, I work really hard to show him I want to succeed. My dad taught me that success is not given it's earned. He also told me nothing comes easy in this world that's why I have to train harder than anyone can. I also learned when I am I am working hard someone out in the world is doing better than I am, and that is why I never stop practicing.

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