Adam Sandler

by Jonah from Joplin

This is adam Sandler (Google images)
This is adam Sandler (Google images)

My hero is Adam Sandler. He is a funny actor. He makes me laugh hearing his laughter. He is a comic genius and he has won more than 25 Emmys, and he has won 7 Oscars. He is in so many movies that it is crazy.

I think that when I grow up I want to be just like him. When I grow up I want to hear people chant my name. I want to be as funny as him, and I want to be smart, and cool like him. In my point of view I think that he is an excellent role model. Even though sometimes he can be a little bad. Adam Sandler has won so many awards it is crazy. He has won these things for simple things like best-dressed, funniest actor, and most conflicted movie actor in America in a loud crying kid of subject matter.

 (google images)
(google images)

I know that as a child Adam Sandler was neglected, and abused. He would be locked in his room for days without food or water. I could not take that kind of hunger and strained pain. At the age of 14 Sandler’s mother had died, and he was forced to live in a foster care center. Three years after that he was the only one there. The place burnt down 3 weeks later as the black foggy smoke went up the ashes fell. He was forced to live on his own, living on the streets, alone. Then one day he got a ride to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, New York, where he was born, on September 1, 1966. When he lived on his own he had a few small productions like, stand up comedy. Then as his career floated up and so did his fan base.

 (google images)
(google images)

So after all that grief in his life, he has turned into this big beautiful movie star. Adam now resides in California with his wife Alice Sandler, and his 3 kids, John Sandler, Alice Sandler jr., and little Angle Sandler the cutie from above. Adam Sandler is seeing and living the good life. I guess I can say he has the life I want in the way that I can express myself.

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