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Abdul Latif Tanko

by Latif from Accra

Hello to the world i am Prince Abdul Latif Tanko and I am a boy of 23 years of age and i was born in a village in Tamale in Ghana and at the I was with my family and there was no school in the village and one day i told my mom that i want to visit the city which is Tamale and my mom ask me what are you going to do in the city and i told my mom that i am going to have a look at what is happening there and from the village and i went to city and i find out that education is there and i do see my coligues with their uniforms going to school and i ask my self as i am in the village what am I doing because the farming can not help me some where in future and i then came home and told my mom and my has given me the chance to make it all the way to the city and when i make it to the city i went and found good man who was so good whom i explain my situation to him and he said he will accommodated me in his room and the i went and greet one man who was a shoeshine and i explain my situation to him and he has accepted me to work with him and the i start working with and i make some little money which can help me to go to school and i went and meet the master school and he said as i am a good boy he is welcoming to the school. that is where i started my education and i now i have make it as i am having certificates with me and am looking forward for people who are will to come and help develop some the villages in the northern part of Ghana which has received the list development and i wish to welcome very body who wishes to come and volunteer. i love all brothers and sisters and i am praying and e working hard to all my best to reduce the poverty here in the North of Ghana and i wish i could write more about me but we see Love you all

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