Abdul Awal

by AMR from Dhaka

I miss you father(Baba), come back to me, please.

Hero is the most important personality in our life.But how can we define Hero..... I have a hero, he is my father(Abdul Awal). He didn't give me birth or didn't bring me into the world. He was a stranger to me, i didn't know him. But when i met with this stranger,i loved him as my father and still now and will be forever. Is the blood relation everything? I loved him so much. He just knows me,not knows my family member but i count him as my family member. He knows i love him as my father and i trust him that he loves me also! But few years ago, broke up our relation but now it is again reform. And that short time seperation build up strong relationship more than before. I am pleased to him! But he can't give me too much time, he just give me a little bit of time. I need more time from you my dearest Baba. Please give me and come back to me like before,please please,please!!! I miss you, i need you. I don't know how i can express my love to you...i don't know...oh!god,tell me how i can do this!!! Oh! almighty god, tell him how much i love him,please,please,please.....oh god! i know you understand how much i love him and i know you can tell him how much love him better than me..please help me,please. I just want to hold his hand like a child and be seated silently,i want to tell him,i love you so so much and you are my HERO by holding his hand, not by any word, just by holding his hand,just by holding his hand.....................

(It is noted that i love my parents who bring me into world and i greatful to them and love them too much and specially my mother is best dearest to me,love you Mom(Maa). And my father( Abdul Awal) is dearest to me after my parents. And he exist in my soul and my breath).

God bless them! God bless them who hold love for me into their heart! God bless them!

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