anne frank

by shayma from birmingham

Born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl caught in the middle of a terrible condition. In 1933, a man named Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany. He and his government—known as the Nazis—were unfair against people who were Jewish. They told people to not shop in stores owned by Jews and passed laws that made life very difficult for them. Around this time, Anne and her family to moved to Amsterdam, Holland, to avoid to being under pressure because of their religion.

Unfortunately, they were not safe for too long because the Germans invaded Holland in 1940 and began persecuting the Jews there. Anne and her sister Margot were forced to go to a separate school for Jewish children. Anne’s father was not allowed own his business because of the new rules the Nazi made. For other Jews, the situation was much worse. Many were killed by the Nazis. Others were sent to concentration camps. These camps were really prisons where some Jews and others were forced to work under horrible conditions. Millions of people died at the camps.

Despite the fear and concern about what the Nazis would do next, Anne seemed like a normal teenage girl in spite of everything. She has been described as being talkative and playful. In June 1942, Anne received a diary as a birthday present and what she wrote in it showed another side of her personality. The diary became a place where Anne could express her hopes, dreams, and fears.

Otto Frank, Anne’s father, had many fears too. He was afraid that something terrible would happened and built a secret room in the attic in his business warehouse. Anne and her and her family were forced into hide there in the summer of 1942 after Margot was ordered to go Germany. Her family knew that this order meant Margot was to be sent to a concentration camp. To save the family, Otto Frank, Anne’s father, had an attic in the warehouse of his business turned into a liveable space. Anne, her family, and four others stayed in this place for two years. Several people helped them by providing food and news of the outside world.

All the while, Anne wrote in her diary. She captured the details of her days in hiding and studied those around her. A part of her diary included short stories and part of a novel. Anne explored her feelings and thoughts in the pages of her diary. As she wrote in her diary, she realized that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up and that her experience in hiding would make a great novel.

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