Abd Jbar Louzir

by Hraoua from Chichaoua

My hero, which is characterized by Abdul-Jabbar to Oozyr love sincere, civil and social nature. It is also the perfect Father veteran Known as the cheerful face and antics and ridiculous for this increase was resistant to defending his country is proud of his country In the technical field bet is to introduce the basic joy to the hearts of all Moroccans and to secure their dream and joy in whatever circumstances they measured A leading diagnostic stage and radio and television and film in our country Intertwined his adventures made him assume the tournament site against his will both in the stage or in the stage of history. Because the man is not just a normal person and experience are not included in the regular records will remain in the hearts of his audiences, as well as Moroccan and I will remain immortal in our hearts Is the comedian and the Sheikh of Moroccan theater, this popular art beloved face was still a remarkable presence on the Times Theater Until forever Mr. Abdul-Jabbar is the Minister (77 years) a month and the oldest Moroccan comedians who knew their way of excellence in performance and Btabahm private and unique, which carries a lot of humor known to the majority Alemrakhien I'm very proud of being from the same cities

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