2Pac Shakur

by Malik. from Wyandanch

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What I'm writhing about today is my hero 2pac Shakur. Why I say this is because 2pac's songs are REAL. He’s not worrying about saying things just to be nice. That’s the life he lived - the life of a thug. It’s not to be mean, it’s just how he is. A good man. 2pac was one of the worlds most well known rapper. He was one the best at that time but now it a new time.

He was an outlaw he rapt thug life only because it was real it was a lifestyle the solders lived it to. Like going to other people traitors and running hometowns killing people only differences is that they were a good cast so was us outlaw. Even though we run hoods its just like his most famous songs like one Keep your had up, Branders got a baby, I ant mad at ya, mostly goods from the hood. Lots of songs from the hood.

Now u tell him who won he see ya ya run. Shakur was not angry all the time he just felt threatened. B.I.G And 2pac was not always enemy’s they were friends. 2pac was a good man to him but things want bad so that’s what happened they fight. It got all bad in the game A set up.

The ways he Wrights help people understand how to fix there problems.Or he talk about his life.When he was young at the age 17. Not trying to lay his bisniss out yes he had a sister to. He and his mom had beef. As a kid it was hard growing up his dad was not there he showed no love for him. Cant be mad at 2pac dont give no respect for a dad thats not there right.

To say this is only to let u know why. I respect his songs.I play his good songz on the radio all the time that i get. 2pac i dont pras him i just thinks he has good music. FOR TUPAC R.I.P MAN!

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My name is Malik and I'm a rapper too. I love to do it. It calms me down. I feel stimulated when I "spit",not because I'm good at it, but I am. Ok, so we are alike. That's why 2pac's my hero.