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by Vy from Cortez

This leader make me the person I am now

Have you ever wondered why this world had so many problems? Well is all seems to come down to one problem, ineffective leaders! Ho Chi Minh is one of the most famous leaders in Vietnam. A problem pressing our world in Ho's time was the French Colonies were trying to take over Vietnam in 1890. When Ho grew up he had a dream, a very big dream, and he had to used the key to life, and this is time and patience.

You are probably thinking who the heck is that girl talking about, well let me tell you who Ho Chi Minh is. He was born on May 19, 1890. He was born on a very bitter land. His name is Nguyen Sin Cung but he also known for Nguyen Tat Thanh and Nguyen Ai Quoc. You will find out why he changed his name later in the story. He is one of the most famous leaders in my country which is Vietnam, and the reason he is famous is because he used non-violence. A quote I learned from him is "Hit, you mean hit me". That had a very deep meaning if you understand it.

Thanks to his friend Diep Van Ky he had his opportunity to explore the world. He went to France, England,and the U.S.A.That is why he changed his name, because the police tried to get him ,because they tried to stop him from turning his back to the French.When he arrived in Parris from England, he joined the group of Vietnamese nationalist in Paris whose leader was Phan Van Truong and Phan Chu Tring, bearing a new name Nuen Ai Quoc ( Nguen the Patriot )

In 1920, as a representative in the Congress of Tour of Socialist Party of France, Quovc voted for the Third International and became a founding member of the Parti Communiste Francais. Taking a position in the Colonial Committee of PCF, he tried to attract his comrades' attention towards people in French Colonies including Indocina. In 1925-1926 he organized a group call "Youth Education Classes" and occasionally gave lectures to Vietnamese revolutionary young people living in Canton at the Whampoa Military Academy. These young people would become the seeds of a new revolution, pro-communist movement in Vietnam several years later. On December 19 , 1946 Ho representing his government, declared war against the French Union, which marked the beginning of the Indochina War. The Vietnam National Army waged assault against French position, smoking them out with straw bundled with chili pepper, destroying armored vehicles with Lunge Mines and Molotov Cocktail.In February of 1950, after the successful removal of the French border's blockade, Ho meet with Stalin and Mao Zedong in Moscow after the Soviet Union recognized his government. They all agreed that China would be responsible for backing the Viet Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a leader and a hero, he saved us in many wars which include this one. I think all is needed to make a difference in the world, and it shouldn't be so hard, with a little hope and dream it will take you far out to he world. I want to take a risk that is going to change my life forever, but I'll not write it down, you will know it when you see it.

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