Aaron Lorick

by tanya from Wyandanch

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On august 15,1975 a beautiful baby boy named Aaron Lorick was born. Intelligent,brave,and handsome are things that come to my head when I hear my dads name. Born in freeport new york he was a hard working kid although he had parents, granparents and family to be there for him he always liked to be independent and get things on his own.while some what good in school he was a very athletic young man. Aaron lovded to play sport's, football everyday was his main thing.

Im writing about my dad because he is a very special person in my life and i thank god for him everyday. To me he is a hero because all he does it help people around him, when he knows someone is in need he could be the fist person there to help. He tells me that theres nothing wrong with helping people but when you do it make sure your not just doing it for an award or to get known. He's lived with his grandparents most of his child hood in south carolina so i think thats why he so well mannered and treats everyone with respect just dont get hime on hiss bad side.

My dad is a nurses aid, and he works at a very beatiful nursing home. All of his patients are very nice people,when i go there its like getting away from the hetick world thats out there, my dads co-workers love me there. Helping the elderly is something that my dad loves to do. i want to be a nurse working with the ederly when i get older something like my dad. I look at my dad as my hero because the super things he does for people everyday. one night he saved a nieghbors house from being robbed and my dad was just coming home at the time.He didnt want any reward he just wanted everyone to be safe because he has a child that lives in this community.

Aaron is working on a program for those who are lost in this world or just to caught up in things and they want to get help. He thinks everyone deserves a second chance. It should be started up in january in2014 hes still trying to find a name for this program so im helping him with that and when its officialy starts on weekends i will be helping out. He just wants to see people enjoy their life while they can, he wants to see families get repaired like parents and children he thinks that every parent should be in thier childs life no mater what the case is.

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