Title Author Changed Kind
Desmond Doss Alisa Sriphet 4/15/2019 Story
Desmond T. Doss KC from Elkins 4/15/2019 Story
Desmond doss Mark K 1/19/2019 Story
Desmond Doss Samson Huynh 1/14/2019 Story
Honors High School English 2 12/27/2018 Organizer
US Bill of Rights Day 12/19/2018 Organizer
MY HERO T-Shirt Prize Stories Del Norte 2017 to 2018 11/23/2018 Organizer
Desmond Doss Tate Cerasoli 5/27/2018 Story
Desmond Doss Liam Varga 5/24/2018 Story
Desmond Doss Lindsay Wright 2/25/2018 Story
Desmond T. Doss Jack Horton 2/17/2018 Story
Desmond Doss Ricky Vida 2/16/2018 Story
Desmond Doss - Thou Shalt Not Kill Jenna Vargas 2/16/2018 Story
Desmond T. Doss: The Conscientious Objector Jack Horton 2/15/2018 Story
Desmond Thomas Doss Lucas Armenta 2/15/2018 Story
Desmond Doss Nicholas Jenkinson 2/14/2018 Story
Desmond T Doss Riley from San Diego 5/20/2017 Story
Desmond T. Doss Trey from San Diego 5/20/2017 Story
Desmond Doss Melina from San Diego 5/20/2017 Story
Desmond Thomas Doss Monique from Ontario 12/2/2016 Story
Desmond T. Doss Justus from Five Points 7/4/2016 Story
Saddle River Day School Heroes 7/18/2013 Organizer
Desmond T. Doss James 5/14/2013 Story
Desmond T. Doss Ali from San Diego 1/15/2011 Story
Desmond T. Doss Jacob from San Diego 2/13/2010 Story
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