Title Author Changed Kind
Jeannette Rankin Christina K 1/19/2019 Story
Harriet Tubman Brielle S 1/19/2019 Story
Walter Payton Gavin O. 1/19/2019 Story
Roy Benavidez Cody J 1/19/2019 Story
Clara Barton Ryan 1/19/2019 Story
Bill Gates Luke 1/19/2019 Story
Saquon Barkley Ryan L 1/19/2019 Story
Drew Brees Ben 1/19/2019 Story
Alexander Hamilton Tejasi M 1/19/2019 Story
Bill Gates Kevin 1/19/2019 Story
Martin Luther King Jr Jake F 1/19/2019 Story
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leo K. 1/19/2019 Story
Ben Franklin Mathew V. 1/19/2019 Story
Bill Gates DongYun L 1/18/2019 Story
Molly Pitcher Nikhil P. 1/18/2019 Story
Eli Manning George P. 1/18/2019 Story
Helen Keller Addie L. 1/18/2019 Story
Abraham Lincoln Natalie W 1/18/2019 Story
Thomas Edison Tony A 1/18/2019 Story
Alexander Hamilton Elijah C. 1/18/2019 Story
Thomas Edison Adam S. 1/18/2019 Story
Helen Keller Sofia K. 1/18/2019 Story
Albert Einstein Adi A. 1/18/2019 Story
Milton Hershey Taleen S 1/18/2019 Story
Mother Teresa Dillon 1/18/2019 Story
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