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Title Author Changed Kind
Featured Stories about Science Heroes 9/23/2020 Organizer
Curated MY HERO Resources and Lesson Ideas For High School Students 9/23/2020 Organizer
UN Sustainable Development Goals Teacher Resources 9/10/2020 Organizer
UN Sustainable Development Goals 8/12/2020 Organizer
Reading and Writing about Science Heroes for High School Students 7/29/2020 Organizer
World Health Day Lesson Plan 5/15/2020 Organizer
Jonas Salk Vinny K 2/12/2020 Story
Jonas Salk Geeta Malik 10/24/2019 Story
A Vaccine of Heroism - Jonas Salk Neil Sahai 2/14/2019 Story
Mrs. Thompson's Class 2015 1/3/2019 Organizer
Our Heroes 1/3/2019 Organizer
Glenbrook Middle School - 2009/10 7th Graders 12/31/2018 Organizer
Deserving Heroes Project Trimester 3 12/29/2018 Organizer
Presidential Meadows Elementary School 12/29/2018 Organizer
Honors High School English 2 12/27/2018 Organizer
English 9 Challenge - Mr Janzen 12/26/2018 Organizer
MY HERO Resources College 12/24/2018 Organizer
MY HERO Celebrates Heroes Who Promote Health Education and Awareness 12/24/2018 Organizer
MY HERO T-Shirt Prize Stories Del Norte 2017 to 2018 11/23/2018 Organizer
Jonas Salk Hayden from San Diego 10/23/2018 Story
Mrs. Shewmaker's Class 2016 4/10/2018 Organizer
Jonas Salk Amanda Audette 2/27/2018 Story
Jonas Salk Lexie Llamas 2/18/2018 Story
Splendid Solution: Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio 10/16/2017 Book
Jonas Salk Brenden from San Diego 2/13/2016 Story