by Jonathon from Calif.

My dad is my hero because he pushes me to get smarter. My dad helped me with spelling and that made me the number-one speller. My dad made me smarter. He is my hero because he is my dad. My dad pushed me to the top. Spelling was a stress until my dad came and helped me when I was in the second grade.

He wanted me to be the best. My dad is my hero because he made me get better grades. Now I get better grades; I got all Bs and now I get As and Bs.

My dad gets upset if I don’t do my homework. I wouldn’t be allowed to watch TV or play anything. My dad is a hero because he brought me into a whole new world. If he died, it wouldn’t be cool because I wouldn’t have anyone to take me anywhere after I do my homework. I like homework now because my dad made it much easier. Homework can be a stress if you don’t now how to do it. Homework sometimes makes you smarter because you might have to read the book over to find out the answer. My dad is special to me for all he has done for me and he is my hero.

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