Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev

by Vasily from Murom, Russia

Dmitri Mendeleev (Менделеев)
Dmitri Mendeleev (Менделеев)

I admire Dmitri Mendeleev because I am interested in chemistry. Dmitri Mendeleev was a great Russian scientist. He predicted the discovery of many elements and discovered the Periodic Law of elements. So science received the key to the world of chemistry.

All the greatest discoveries which have been made since then in the fields of chemistry and physics have been based on this law. Of course it was not easy to discover the Law. So Mendeleev had worked hard and carried out lots of experiments to gain the idea. It is amazing that he saw the Periodic System in his dream!

The elements in Mendeleev Periodic Table follow one another in the order of their atomic weights. They are arranged in periods and groups. Mendeleev's discovery made it possible for the scientists to find 38 new chemical elements to fill the empty spaces left in the Periodic Table. At the same time they tried to find elements heavier than the last elements in the Periodic Table. In 1955 the American scientist Dr. Glenn Seabord obtained element No101 and named it Mendelevium in honor of the creator of the Periodic Law.

I am really impressed by Mendeleev`s personality and his achievements in science. I consider him to be a man of genius. I want to study chemistry and to be a scientist like Mendeleev. I also want to discover something new and important in science.

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