Unsung Heroes Song Contest 2020

Enter the MY HERO Song Contest and see the past winners!


Call for entries - 2020 MY HERO Unsung Heroes Song Contest! 

Submit your original song or music video about a local or global hero. Prizes will be awarded to teachers, students and professional songwriters. Winning songs will be shared with millions around the world on MY HERO.


Songs are entered by selecting the Create Audio tab. Music videos are entered by selecting the Create Film tab.

Submissions will be reviewed by MYHERO and entered into Song Contest.



Recent Song Contest Winners

2019 Song Contest Music Video Winner

The story is about child labor inspired by the lives of real children. Gregor Meyle (German singer) is sitting by the window and trying to write a new song. It seems that the night sky inspires him his new song by forming some constellations. In a series of flashbacks, we follow the children through their hard days. Nevertheless, they could get through their difficulties and create a happy ending for their story.

Credit: Saghar Homaeifar

2018 Song Contest Music Video Winners

At the request of MY HERO, musicians Whitney Winefordner and Larsen McCarroll recorded the song which Whitney co-wrote with Janet Bartucciotto and Emily Morris, to celebrate oceanographer Sylvia Earle. Recording engineer and musician Steve Wood supervised the recording session. We are proud to share Winefordner's performance of MY BLUE HEART, on the occasion of "Her Deepness"-Sylvia Earle's 83rd birthday!


My Blue Heart
Credit: myhero

Whitney Winefordner and Larsen McCarroll perform original song in honor of Sylvia Earle.

My Blue Heart

INVISIBLE is a unique collaboration fusing media, technology and the Hop Hop community to help raise awareness & funding for the homeless. All proceeds from the song that accompanies the video will go directly to nonprofit partners.

Credit: Bishop Lamont

2017 Winning music video and First in College/Mentor Category:

"Either there's hope, or I am merely dreaming... "A diverse community unites in arts and activism to address the epidemic of police killings of people of color in this dynamic hip hop music video.
From Mt. Tamalpais-Fruitvale Station
Credit: Paul Eaton

2016 Winning music video and First in Student/Mentor Category:

2016 First Place Professional:

Credit: Jane Goodall Institute

2015 Winner Professional Category

An original song by Joe Crone about the child being a gift to the world.

I Am A Gift To The World
Credit: Joe Crone

2015 Winner Student/Mentor Category

2015 Winning song and First in Professional Category:

Celebrating Laguna environmental hero James Dilley.

The Dilley Ditty: Worked to protect open space in Laguna Canyon.
Credit: Doug Miller

2016 Teacher/Student Winners

Kids are the attitudes of the future. If human habits need to change in order to solve the problems facing our planet,children offer us our best chance.

Nashville students, Queen McElrath and team show love and talent for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson Missouri.

Hands Up Don't Shoot
Credit: Queen McElrath

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