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A Place for Educators to Learn About the MY HERO Learning Circle Partnership with iEARN

Global MY HERO Learning CIrcle
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The MY HERO Global Learning Circles is a partnership with iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)
Learning Circles are a Place Where Educators and Students from Around the World Collaborate on the Topic of Heroes
My Hero Learning Circles is a writing and multimedia project designed to inspire students from all grade levels to create and share hero stories from around the world. This experience brings together students and teachers interested in collaborating with schools from diverse areas of the world on the topic of heroism. Educators and students use state-of-the-art multimedia tools in order to share their heroes with the world through stories, art, audio, and short films on the MY HERO website. Teachers easily create a showcase webpage of all their students’ works. In addition, using MY HERO’s multimedia resources, students will be introduced to young heroes who are making a positive difference in the world. 
Participation in a MY HERO Learning Circle project gives students a sense that they too can make a positive difference in their own community and the world. Join one of the MY HERO Learning Circles to celebrate the best of humanity with your class and the world!
The Current Session of Learning Circles includes teachers from the United States, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Taiwan, Moldova and Ukraine. 
Past sessions of the Learning Circles include teachers from Taiwan, the United States, Senegal, Mexico, Slovenia, Ukraine, Iran, Moldova, Tunisia, Algeria, Canada, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Pakistan, and South Africa.
For more information about the MY HERO Learning Circles, contact Laura Nietzer [email protected]

The 5-Week MY HERO First Steps Learning Circle is offered in the fall and spring. 

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The 10-Week MY HERO: Celebrating Everyday Heroes Learning Circle is offered in the fall and spring.

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The MY HERO Call to Action 16-Week Learning Circle is offered in the fall and spring.


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Register for Learning Circle
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The MY HERO Global Learning Circle is a partnership with iEARN. Learning Circles provide a structure for students around the world to connect work on projects as a team. Twice a year (September and January), teachers can enroll their classes in either Hello World or Global Learning Circles. For more information and registering for the MY HERO Learning Circle, use this link.

Essay to Share with Students about How to Choose a Hero

Link to an Essay to Share with Students before Choosing their Hero

How Should we Choose our Heroes Essay
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Participants have posted about their hero in the MY HERO Learning Circle Guestbook

Learning Circle Guestbook
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Teachers and Students Around the World Have Participated in the MY HERO Learning Circles

Learning Circle Participants and Examples
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MY HERO Learning Circles brings the world into your classroom and your classroom into the world. Use this link to learn how teachers and students from around the world collaborate and learn about each other, each others cultures, communities and of course, HEROES. This resource includes art, stories, films and audio that have been created by students from around the world.

Our participation in the MY HERO Learning Circle has had a tremendous impact on everyone involved.  Both my students and I relished the opportunity to collaborate with our international peers.  It was very meaningful for students to be engaged in a sustainable development project with classes on the other side of the world.  Fostering such connections help students grow into global citizens by encouraging them to investigate the world, consider others' perspectives, and communicate their ideas effectively.  Today's youth will ultimately be responsible for the sustainability of our planet, and their experience with the MY HERO Learning Circle has nurtured the knowledge, disposition, and skills that they will need to be true changemakers.                                                                                                                                           - Bryan Peters, high school teacher in Chicago, Illinois

Sustainable Development Goals Resource on MY HERO

UN Sustainable Development Goals Teacher Resources

By: Laura Nietzer
Share the importance of the UN Sustainability Goals with your students. Bring classrooms to life with MY HERO's Multimedia Resources.

Short Introduction Videos: Learn More About MY HERO

Short Video that Shows how to Participate in the MY HERO Project

How to Participate in the MY HERO Project
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Short Video for Educators with Ideas About How to use MY HERO 

How to Use MY HERO for Educators
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Teacher's Guide, Resources, and Tutorials for The MY HERO Project

Online Versions of the MY HERO Project Teacher's Guide

The MY HERO Project Teacher's Guide
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Educator QuickStart Guide
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Registration Information and Using Class Codes
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Tutorials for Educators and Students
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How to use MY HERO's Create Program to Publish Stories, Art, Film and Audio for Students

Tutorial for students: Publish written stories, film, original artwork and audio in MY HERO's multimedia library.

Create Program
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External Links

UN Sustainable Development Goals
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