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Title Author Changed Kind
International Day of Persons with Disabilities 11/30/2022 Organizer
Poster Contest Finalists Fall 2022 11/30/2022 Organizer
Mental Health Awareness Month is in May and Mental Health Awareness Week is October 2nd to the 8th 11/30/2022 Organizer
Wong Siew Te Tan Wei Yuan 11/30/2022 Art
I'll take it from here... Because I'm a Girl Raj Yagnik, Shona Hamilton 11/30/2022 Film
Yu Gwan Sun Hyunsuh Kang 11/30/2022 Art
Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie: Pioneer of VRT Naomi Gledhill 11/30/2022 Story
Al Williams Elise, grade 5, from Canada 11/30/2022 Story
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery | December 2 11/30/2022 Organizer
Human Solidarity Day 11/30/2022 Organizer
International Volunteer Day | December 5 11/30/2022 Organizer
International Civil Aviation Day December 7 11/30/2022 Organizer
World AIDS Day | December 1 11/30/2022 Organizer
Films for a Young Audience 2022 11/29/2022 Organizer
MY HERO Newsletter Archives 11/29/2022 Story
The MY HERO Newsletter 11/29/2022 Story
MY HERO Resources for Elementary Students 11/29/2022 Organizer
Curated MY HERO Resources and Lesson Ideas For Elementary School Students 11/29/2022 Organizer
'An uphill battle': states slow to observe Juneteenth 11/29/2022 Newswire
Eva Haller Salon Series 11/29/2022 Organizer
18th Annual MY HERO International Film Festival - Virtual Special Awards Ceremony MY HERO 11/29/2022 Film
MY HERO Store Promo MY HERO 11/29/2022 Film
'An incredible act of heroism': Colorado gunman tackled by patron 11/29/2022 Newswire
MY HERO Global Educator Award – Dr Mandeep Rai 11/29/2022 Newswire