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Title Author Changed Kind
The Kite Martin Smatana 9/27/2023 Film
The Hill We Climb Destiny Brown 9/27/2023 Film
Sir Nicholas Winton: The Savior of Czechoslovakia Nicholas Christopher Ransford 9/27/2023 Film
Freeman Daisy Thwaites 9/27/2023 Film
Mahsa "Gina" Amini Xavier Walker 9/27/2023 Film
Jacobsoul - Heroes Jay Sun 9/27/2023 Film
Festival Information 9/27/2023 Page
Teens to lead Europe's first climate change human rights case 9/27/2023 Newswire
Spacecraft sends sample from asteroid 50 million miles away 9/27/2023 Newswire
At this Minnesota food lab, Native culture is on the menu 9/27/2023 Newswire
How a classical pianist reinvents herself in major and minor ways 9/27/2023 Newswire
His Parkland classmates became activists. He created a wellness app. 9/27/2023 Newswire
At The Record Co., music belongs to everyone 9/27/2023 Newswire
Fall 2023 My Hero International Film Festival Interns 9/27/2023 Organizer
MY HERO Recommends Mental and Emotional Health Support Resources Kitty Richardson 9/26/2023 Story
May is Mental Health Awarness Month 9/26/2023 Organizer
Mental Health Awareness Week is October 1st to the 7th 9/26/2023 Organizer
1.5 Degrees of Peace Kasha Sequoia Slavner 9/25/2023 Film
The Making of the Big Picture Benjamine Reid 9/25/2023 Film
60 Sec Docs with Jahkil Jackson Jahkil Jackson 9/25/2023 Film
SING FOR HOPE MUSIC VIDEO AWARD 2023 Finalists 9/25/2023 Organizer
Willow + Luna Destiny Finn 9/25/2023 Film
Rise Up - The Black Legacy Project Music in Common 9/25/2023 Film
THE GREY SPACE - PSA William Goins 9/25/2023 Film
PB&J Productions My Hero Shelby Dahl 9/25/2023 Film