Title Author Changed Kind
Animal Rights Dardood2 3/20/2019 Film
animal rights matter DARDOOD2 3/20/2019 Film
Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month | March 3/20/2019 Organizer
protect the gray wolf diego 3/20/2019 Film
Dogs Giovani 3/20/2019 Film
Bertrand Piccard Susannah Abbey 3/20/2019 Story
DVPhero387 Noah 3/20/2019 Film
paper video me 3/20/2019 Film
Siberian tiger video owen 3/20/2019 Film
Conserving water Andy 3/20/2019 Film
The Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award 3/20/2019 Organizer
Olivia Milch Reads "To Julia at 15" by Julia Roth The MY HERO Project 3/20/2019 Film
Alexandra Cousteau Slater Jewell-Kemker 3/20/2019 Story
Johann Sebastian Bach Joshua from Longmont 3/20/2019 Story
Derartu Tulu Tahir from Portland, Oregon 3/20/2019 Story
Harriet Beecher Stowe Tara from Connecticut 3/20/2019 Story
Black History Month Films 3/20/2019 Organizer
World Storytelling Day | March 20 3/20/2019 Organizer
The Hero's Journey in Literature and Film 3/20/2019 Organizer
From the MY HERO Archives | World Storytelling Day 2018 3/20/2019 Organizer
Ilse Bing (español) Wendy Jewell 3/20/2019 Story
Ilse Bing Wendy Jewell 3/20/2019 Story
Corbin Harney 3/20/2019 Story
Native American Spirituality Jennifer Beck 3/20/2019 Story
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