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Title Author Changed Kind
Congressman John Lewis 1/24/2023 Organizer
'The Invisible' Wins MY HERO Film Fest College Animation Award Deborah Neff 1/24/2023 Story
A chef, a creek, and a salmon revival 1/24/2023 Newswire
Energy from fusion: What is the promise? What hurdles remain? 1/24/2023 Newswire
The Class of Rowdies Nitin Das 1/23/2023 Film
Present Trauma Mark Manalo 1/23/2023 Film
Blessed is the Peacemaker Taqi Juba 1/23/2023 Film
Waves for Water Aaron Flynn & HURLEY 1/23/2023 Film
MY HERO Global Educator Award - Paul Cummins The MY HERO Project 1/23/2023 Film
I'll take it from here... Because I'm a Girl Raj Yagnik, Shona Hamilton 1/23/2023 Film
A Ride with Matt Robert Rippberger 1/23/2023 Film
Get A Clue Carol Anne McGuire/Sean Landgraf 1/23/2023 Film
Make A Wish Jamie Hancock, Olivia Van Slyke & Katie Rabun 1/23/2023 Film
Disposition Peter Bertoli 1/23/2023 Film
Molly Bannaky: A History of Black and White (Part 1 of 2) Isabel Eccles/Joel Frenzer 1/23/2023 Film
Cookie Girl in the Hot Zone Skip Blumberg 1/23/2023 Film
The Bird Maker Cheikh Darou Seck 1/23/2023 Film
Nam June Paik: #1 Video Artist Skip Blumberg 1/23/2023 Film
Harmony: The Quest for Companionship Amy Wong 1/23/2023 Film
Wangari Maathai Will Levitt 1/23/2023 Film
Being Big Uncle Olubusola Ajayi 1/23/2023 Film
Mother Mary Cheikh Darou Seck from Senegal, AFRICA 1/23/2023 Film
Healing Waters (Jeff and Wendy Dean's Guatemalan Adventure) Jeff and Wendy Dean 1/23/2023 Film
The Art of Life: Dan Eldon in Africa Charles Tsai 1/23/2023 Film
Lamont Johnson Dalila Droege 1/23/2023 Film