Name Publisher Date
Young Grantham filmmaker wins award in the My Hero International Film Festival Lincs Online 4/17/2024
Documentary ‘Eva Haller: A Work in Progress’ Leaves the Audience in Awe at the Santa Barbara Debut of the Illuminate Film Festival Santa Barbara Independent 4/17/2024
Pupils Excel in American Poetry Competition 10/26/2022
PP Episode 50 Co-Founder & Director, Jeanne Meyers, My Hero Project – Powerful Learning Community 1/21/2022
The My Hero Project wins at the Inaugural Anthem Awards LB Indy Staff 2/25/2022
Heroes in Print - The Obama Institute 3/4/2022
Reminiscences of a former child soldier Africa Renewal 7/1/2017
Three Documentaries Highlighting Laguna Life Laguna Beach Magazine 7/5/2015
MY HERO Film Festival Selects ‘Voices for Peace’ as Finalist The Prem Rawat Foundation 11/13/2020
Animated film about Sadako Sasaki, produced by Hiroshima NPO, wins film festival award Hiroshima Peace Media 2/5/2019
Students from UCI Writing Project Summer Youth Program win top honors in three categories at 2020 My Hero Project International Film Festival UCI School of Education 1/15/2020
Distance learners find inspiration and hope in hero stories 7/11/2020
Students go behind camera for My Hero project Orange County Register 4/11/2013
The My Hero Project Supports the Laguna Beach Boy's and Girl's Club Patch 5/28/2012
A Stage for Positive People Laguna Beach 4/15/2015
Tibetan filmmaker wins three awards at My Hero International Film Festival. Tibetan Culture 12/28/2019
Female Tibetan Filmmaker Wins Three Awards at My Hero International Film Festival Buddhist Door 12/30/2019
My Hero Festival Honorees 4/19/2016
Barbara’s Column - Local heroes honored Stu News Laguna 6/7/2018
A Stage For Positive People The Laguna Beach Independent 4/15/2016
Laguna honors its heroes at 2018 HERO Fest, including the LBPD and a film by Cory Sparkhul Stu News Laguna 6/7/2018
My Hero Project’s 9th Annual Laguna Hero Fest Stu News Laguna 4/7/2016
Moving at the Speed of Creativity Wesley Fryer 7/1/2008
Eva Haller: A Work in Progress Stu News Laguna 2/25/2016
Community heroes recognized at Hero Fest BRYCE ALDERTON, Daily Pilot 5/28/2013
My Oh Meyer - Film Illuminates Haller the Humanitarian 2/11/2016
Eva Haller: A Work In Progress - Casa Magazine 2/5/2016
International Film Festival in Laguna Beach FESTAGENT 10/17/2021
Ron Kovic calls for Peace at 2014 MY HERO International Film Festival Goody Awards 2/7/2015
Stories Celebrating the Best of Humanity BIG DEAL MEADIA 4/1/2022
Pearl-Cohn's Music Video Wins 1st Place in International Flim Festival Children First 11/20/2014
Heroic Celebration: BAYCAT Original Shorts to be Featured at MY HERO Film Fest! BAYCAT 11/19/2014
MY HERO honored with a Silver placement at the inaugural Anthem Awards Stu News 5/17/2022
NRS Student Wins Top Spot in MY HERO Film Competition New Roads School 11/19/2014
MY HERO named a finalist at the inaugural Anthem Awards Stu News 5/17/2022
What You Need to Know About the MY HERO Film Fest Santa Monica Patch 11/4/2014
Oakham singer-songwriter wins emerging artist award at 2021 MY HERO International Film Festival Stamford and Rutland Mercury 12/6/2021
MY HERO International Film Fest - Entries Due Sept. 1st USC School of Cinematic Arts 7/27/2014
Non-Profit Spotlight Venice Living 12/18/2021
7th Annual Hero Fest celebrated accomplished women honorees - Stu News Laguna 3/18/2014
Golden Goody Award Presented to Jeanne Meyers The Goody Awards 12/16/2016
7th Annual Laguna Hero Fest honors women March 13 Stu News Laguna 2/18/2014
YOUTH UNSTOPPABLE: The Rise of the Global Youth Climate Movement PICKFORD FILM CENTER 6/22/2018
Tech Talk: MYHERO - Digital Storytelling Center for Research in Entertainment and Learning 1/22/2014
Mohamed Sidibay: The role of teachers is to restore our confidence The UNESCO Couorier 6/22/2019
2013 Global Educator Award iEARN 12/20/2013
Reborn on the Fifth of July Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation 10/14/2013
Event Review: My Hero Project Honors Ron Kovic! LA Art 10/2/2013
Former Marine Receives Messenger Of Peace Award In Santa Monica Santa Monica Mirror 9/22/2013
Noted war activist Ron Kovic honored Santa Monica Daily Press 9/19/2013
Jeanne Meyers & Wendy Milette - SBMS Teen Press Interview SBMS Teen Press 9/17/2013
MY HERO Celebrates Nelson Mandela at New Roads' Ann and Jerry Moss Theater New Roads School 7/10/2013
Peace Bringer - August/September 2012 (& Summer 2013 Update Honoree!) Jeanne Meyers, MY HERO Project 7/1/2013
Community heroes recognized at Hero Fest The Laguna Coastline Pilot 5/28/2013
The Archetype of the Hero's Journey Web English Teacher 5/24/2013
Local Heroes Honored at 6th Annual Laguna Hero Fest Stu News Laguna 5/14/2013
MY HERO joins Orange County's Imagination Celebration Stu News Laguna 4/19/2013
MY HERO @ Imagination Celebration Laguna Beach Patch 4/10/2013
Laguna Beach Community Foundation Grants are Making a Difference to Our Local Non-Profits Stu News Laguna 3/29/2013
Budding filmmaker earns People's Choice Award for documentary 1/9/2013
The MY HERO Project International Film Festival Brings Hope for 2013 Yahoo Finance 1/8/2013
Laguna Hero Fest 2013 - Laguna Life TV Laguna Life TV 1/4/2013
My Hero Project - Mount Doug Secondary School Mount Doug Secondary School 1/1/2013
The Kennedy/Marshall Company 12/12/2012
Club Members participate in the Laguna Hero Fest 10/29/2012
Little Known Heroes Gain the Spotlight The Laguna Beach Independent 10/21/2012
Hansen: Heroes for thinkers in Laguna The Laguna Coastline Pilot 10/18/2012
Peace Bringer - August 2012 Jeanne Meyers, MY HERO Project 8/1/2012
Three BAYCAT films win awards at the 6th International MY HERO Film Festival! BAYCAT 11/1/2010
Nominated for MY HERO Film Festival’s Daniel Eldon Activist Award La Source 10/26/2010
Students' hero worship spotlighted on web Fulton County Expositor 5/29/2012
The My Hero Project Supports the Laguna Beach Boy's and Girl's Club Laguna Beach Patch 5/28/2012
Space film 'Bella Gaia' wins MY HERO Award Moving Pictures Magazine 9/13/2010
MY HERO on China's New Tang Dynasty TV New Tang Dynasty Television 1/31/2010
My Hero Program 2012: Celebrate Heroism Flickr 5/23/2012
My Hero Project IDEA 4/16/2012
Video Portraits of Survival: Volume Two 1/1/2010
Water Saving Heroes - Our Planet Our Planet 3/30/2012
In The Arts The Laguna Coastline Pilot 2/2/2012
Making Online Media 1/1/2010
The My Hero Project 11/21/2009
Pinay Canadian wins top honors at film fest ABS-CBN News 1/21/2012
Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resiliance - Lyzbeth Glick Best TIME 1/15/2012
Humanitarian film in finals at LA festival 11/12/2009
Putting their heroes on film The Laguna Coastline Pilot 8/7/2008
Thurston Student's Film to be Screened at Irvine Festival Saturday Laguna Beach Patch 1/12/2012
Young Oxnard Woman's Quest Earns the 2011 Dan Eldon Activist Award Vida Newspaper 12/22/2011
Hero truck driver inspiration behind essay by Innisfil boy The Barrie Examiner 5/23/2008
Surfing Legend and Eco-Warrior to be Honored at Hero Festival 5/23/2008
OWOO Wins Best of Fest At My Hero Film Festival One World One Ocean 12/15/2011
Local filmmaker earns award for Burma flick The Malibu Times 12/14/2011
Budding filmmaker heads to G8 youth summit 5/1/2008
A Heroic Legacy Orange County Register 1/31/2008
Locals Win at Hero Film Fest The Laguna Beach Independent 12/14/2011
This Week's Online Find: The My Hero Project Education World 7/14/2011
Documentary captures Joey Masella's heroic legacy Orange County Register 1/30/2008
SURFING SOAPBOX: Heroes next door remind of life’s gifts The Laguna Coastline Pilot 1/6/2008
Students celebrate the best of humanity by finding My Hero 5/10/2011
4th Grade Class Honors Jeremy Glick '88 4/27/2011
OUR LAGUNA: Naming and honoring Laguna's heroes The Laguna Beach Independent 1/6/2008
The MY HERO Project: Promoting Global Understanding 1/4/2008
Helping Kids Spotlight Heroes Education World 3/16/2011
Laguna Hero Fest Party Report The Laguna Beach Independent 1/10/2011
SA Students Win Top Three Prizes at International Film Festival 12/21/2007
Hero Participants Win International MyHero Festival in Hollywood 12/1/2007
MyHero, a Fest With a Thousand Frames Laguna Beach Patch 1/3/2011
Acknowledgment: Fauzia Minallah wins peace award The Express Tribune 12/7/2010
The MY HERO Project Multimedia & Internet @ Schools 9/1/2007
Jeanne Meyers Ambassador of Peace 6/1/2007
Press Release: Local Teacher Recognized for Global Impact eSchool News 12/6/2010
Pakistani artist bags Ron Kovic Peace Award The News 12/6/2010
Those who inspired seen as 'real people' USA Today 5/28/2007
Learning Montage With AA Gym 5/6/2007
The stories of heroes The Laguna Coastline Pilot 11/25/2010
Reuters held a New Tang Dynasty Television 11/22/2010
Local Group on Hero DVD Downtown Express 4/27/2007
Living Through the Lens The Laguna Coastline Pilot 1/12/2007
Thurgood Marshall's high dropout rate studied SF Examiner 11/22/2010
Spotlight on filmmaker again The Now 11/19/2010
Hero Worship: As the New Year Approaches, Everyone Needs an Extra Dose of Inspiration Daily News 12/25/2005
American Legion Child Welfare Foundation 10/7/2005
'Hummingbird' Best of My Hero Fest Moving Pictures Magazine 11/18/2010
My Hero Film Festival 2nd Place Winner A Fire Within 11/12/2010
Editor's Pick: Heroes The Coast News 3/1/2005
Reporters for the My Hero Project The Laguna Beach Independent 8/15/2003
MY HERO International Film Festival First Light 11/9/2010
Childnet Awards Announced in Washington D.C. 4/19/2001
Heroes Amoung Us The Coast News 1/1/2000