MY HERO’s mission is to encourage people of all ages to use media and technology to celebrate the best of humanity one story at a time. 

Students from around the world have contributed outstanding media, won awards and launched social justice movements by taking part in MY HERO. You can too by joining our Global Learning Community. Explore the opportunities on this page and create your own stories, films, art or audio pages today! Discover our library packed full of inspirational resources, enter our prize-winning competitions, or join our team as an Intern.


Credit: MY HERO
Credit: MY HERO
Credit: MY HERO

We are very interested in stories that represent young and old heroes alike working for positive change in the world. We are interested in stories that honor those working for racial and social justice, artists, scientists, human rights and environmental activists. We want to know who inspires you and why.

Use our website to CREATE and publish your story with our MEDIA ARTS RESOURCES and to research positive role models from around the world.

Our hope in providing these free media arts education resources is to support all levels of media makers with the tools needed to produce meaningful hero stories that can be shared with our global audience.

Have a story ready to go? You may be eligible to win prizes!

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For inspiration, visit our online library which hosts over 50,000 inspirational stories, over 3,700 works of art and over 3,000 MY HERO short films:

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Find more inspiration for your stories by exploring our daily calendar and add your own heroes:

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CONTESTS - Submit your stories, films artwork or audio files to our various CONTESTS. Win prizes and awards and gain recognition for your heroes.

Coronavirus Art Contest Winners
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2021 Interns
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Gain valuable work experience while spreading the MY HERO mission through our INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.

Find all about these opportunities HERE.

Choose from: Film Festival Intern, Journalism Intern, Art Intern, Media Art Intern, and Audio Intern

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To find out how other students have utilized MY HERO to further their passions, check out the work of:

Mohamed Sidibay - Law graduate, Mohamed Sidibay was once forced to be a child soldier, he then became a youth reporter for MY HERO, committed to making a difference in the world. Said Mohamed: “In a world where the media sensationalizes violence, the importance of organizations like MY HERO cannot be understated. MY HERO came at a time in my life when my world was in complete disarray. Unable to understand the world outside of the one I had grown up in, MY HERO taught me the true meaning of life by empowering me through the use of media and storytelling.”

Geeta Malik - Geeta is now a feature film director but her passion for film began when she interned with MY HERO: "After being behind the camera for MY HERO, I realized I loved telling stories through film, so I decided to go to film school. I received my M.F.A. in Producing/Directing from UCLA, and made several short films that have played in festivals around the world."

Gabrielle Gorman -  Gabrielle is a hugely successful film writer, producer, director, and activist was the 2016 MY HERO International Film Festival Student Honoree who went on to study filmmaking at UCLA.

Slater Jewell-Kemker - Slater is an award-winning director who has introduced her generation to the international youth climate movement. Slater grew up as a youth reporter for the MY HERO Project. On this journey, she discovered her passion for filmmaking and continues to use media for expressing her activist voice.

Trey Carlisle - Trey won the 2016 Emerging Artist Award and is now a successful Actor and Director. Watch Trey's film HERE explaining how MY HERO has been an inspiration and 'a gift' to his life. 

St George Thompson is an incredibly talented digital media production artist, animator and illustrator who has been a contributor to MY HERO since 2005. 

Kayla Briet was introduced to MY HERO when she won an award at the 2014 Film Festival; she went on to be awarded the MY HERO Emerging Artist Award in 2015. See more here:

Kitty Richardson - Kitty is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has created multiple content for MY HERO and is now hosting and editing the Eva Haller Salon Series. She writes prolifically and can be found on Spotify.

Jessica Ordaz – Jessica is an artist and writer from Woodbury University. She has a BFA in Animation with a minor in Professional Writing. During her internship, Jessica organized concept art on the shared server, created animated intros, biographies, and short films.


Resources for Schools/ Distance Learning/ Project-Based Work

Tell your teachers/professors about our TEACHERS ROOM where you and they can explore our media resources, activities and thematic lesson plans to use in your school, home and community arts center throughout the year.



Teachers' Room
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