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Introduction to the MY HERO internship program

Become a MY HERO Intern
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Apply to be a MY HERO International Film Festival Intern!

Job Description:

Every year, The MY HERO International Film Festival showcases short films that promote heroism and activism. The Film Festival Intern will help to produce this online event. Duties include finding and inviting films to the festival. Promotion of the winning films and sponsor and media outreach. Creating and editing videos for MY HERO. Some social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is an unpaid internship, but academic credit is a possibility. 


Technically savvy. Adobe software, Microsoft office capable. Outgoing personality and flexible attitude to help with what is needed.

Apply here: 

 This internship should be an opportunity for you to build new skills and develop your portfolio. You may focus on whichever tasks interest you the most, as well as suggest additional projects.

Task #1: Finding and inviting films

Task #2: Make Short Films to be Featured on MY HERO

Task #3: Help Us Improve Our Media Arts Portal

Task #4: Make Videos to Promote MY HERO or Edit Previously Made Videos

Task #5: Edit the Winners Page of Previous Years

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Task #1: Finding and inviting films

Festival Deadline: September 1st

MY HERO does NOT accept

-films that promote violence, hatred, or intolerance

-films inappropriate for children, unless a warning label is added

MY HERO accepts

-films under 10 minutes

-excerpts or trailers of longer films 

-films that celebrate a hero, explore concepts of heroism, or explore hero-related topics


Examples of film festival winners

What if...

Produced by:Terry Campbell, Paul Leon, Noah Berlow, Rose Wolfrum, Amelia Iacobel...

This film won 1st place in the Documentary category and the Dan Eldon Activist Award for 2019.

Still I Rise

Gabriel Diamond, Patrick Barnes, Phil Collis

This experimental film won the Best of Fest award in 2018.

Staying Well with Coach West

Produced by:Carolyn Hodge-West, Jessica Ordaz, Emma Garcia, Nicole Petrovsky, Je...
Coach West helps navigate you through the emotional fallout of COVID-19 with helpful tips.

Waterheart and Her Friends

Tianna Bluebird

This animated film was the student honoree for the 2020 Sylvia Earle Ocean Award. 

OutSwing [Trailer]

Samar Minallah Khan
On the outskirts of Islamabad, a committed coach teaches a team of unlikely players, their families, and a community how playing Cricket can change lives.

Love Letters From Everest

Produced by:Shasha Nakhai

This film tied for 1st place in the animation category at the 2020 film festival. 

Special Awards

Especially search for content related to these categories.

Ron Kovic Peace Prize
Credit: MY HERO
Dan Eldon Activist Award
Credit: MY HERO and Creative Visions Foundation

Credit: MH

Relationships First
Credit: MY HERO
Women Transforming Media Award
Credit: MY HERO and Ben Milch

Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award
Credit: MY HERO and Mission Blue
Immersive Storytelling Award
Credit: MY HERO

Task #2: Make Short Films to be Featured on MY HERO

MY HERO Calendar
Credit: MY HERO


International Day of Peace

Kitty Richardson
Information on ways to contribute to the International Day of Peace Further resources >>

Women's Equality Day

Kitty Richardson
A brief look at the journey towards Equity for Women.

Task #3: Help Us Improve Our Media Arts Portal

Media Arts Portal
Credit: MY HERO

Task #4: Make Videos to Promote MY HERO or Edit Previously Made Videos

You may create videos that promote MY HERO's upcoming contests. Editing or shortening existing promo videos is also an option.

Dan Eldon Activist Award Sizzle

Michael Gankin
This award is inspired by the life of Dan Eldon!

Relationships First Award Sizzle

Produced by:Michael Gankin
Learn all about the Relationships First Award in the MY HERO International Film Festival.

Task #5: Edit the Winners Page of Previous Years

Your task is to choose a year and then go through each film and edit the descriptions and page tags. You can improve the descriptions by making them more detailed and by adding links to the organization or production company. Tag each film with the year of the festival and the award it won. If you are interested in this task, send an email with the year you would like to start on and we will send you more detailed instructions. 

Other Tasks

-Give suggestions for how to promote the film festival on social media

-Give suggestions for how to connect with other organizations or ways to increase the website's traffic

-Write articles about films featured in the festival

-Write articles about heroes featured in the calendar

-Help make graphics for our website and social media 

-Update previous MY HERO pages that could use more information or tags

Helpful Links

MY HERO Social Media Links

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