“Here is this young Senegalist guy--36 years old, and this lady from California. 15 years later, this lady Jeanne Meyers [Director of the MY HERO Project] saved the life of my son.”

- Cheikh Darou Seck.

MY HERO Film Festival Judge: Cheikh Darou Seck

By: Dorothy Lie
Cheikh Darou Seck, a school principal and global educator from Dakar, Senegal, is a MY HERO Film Festival judge.

MY HERO Film Festival Judge: Skip Blumberg

By: Dorothy Lie
MY HERO Film Festival judge Skip Blumberg is an Emmy-winning filmmaker who lives in New York City.
“We need to activate the audience to engage in the mass movement, and change the system big time to get to the better world that we all want.”
- Skip Blumberg

When I talk about heroes, and use some of the curriculum from the [MY HERO] project, the idea that it doesn’t have to be somebody who is extraordinary all the time...but its somebody ...working for the betterment of the world--and it can be teeny tiny things.”
- Sarah Armstrong

MY HERO Film Festival Judge: Sara Armstrong

By: Dorothy Lie
MY HERO Film Festival judge Sara Armstrong has a doctorate in Philosophy of Education and is the author of Pathways to Well-Being.

MY HERO Film Festival Judge: Jennifer Borse Borland

By: Dorothy Lie
Jennifer Borse Borland, a MY HERO Film Festival judge, lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where she does research and evaluation on educational programming.
“Whenever I see people doing something creative that relates to heroes or heroism in their own lives or communities, The MY HERO Project is ... something I’m ready to talk about and share... It is a program that has a place in our world for sure--especially when there are so many negative things happening.”
- Jennifer Borse Borland


“What I get the most out of it [MY HERO], is a sense of hope when I see as many activists working to make the world a better place as has been captured by the films that we see.”

- Brenda Goodman

MY HERO Film Festival Judge: Brenda Goodman

By: Dorothy Lie
Brenda Goodman, a MY HERO Film Festival judge, is a professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles.

MY HERO Film Festival Judge Pablo Frasconi

By: Dorothy Lie


““I think MY HERO [submissions] usually contains subjects, people in them in the films that share that optimistic view of the future and how an individual can transform their own lives, the lives of their community or the lives of their nation, or even the world.”

- Pablo Frasconi

In Memoriam

We recognize in memorandum Nancy Poss Hatchl and Wendy Apple who both generously gave their time judging films for the MY HERO International Film Festival. They each shared joyous enthusiasm and support for MY HERO year after year.

Nancy Poss Hatchl
Credit: Wendy Milette
Wendy Apple & Skip Blumberg
Credit: mh

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