The MY HERO Project hosts a number of contests for you to submit to and win prizes! Our theme is celebrating the best of humanity, one story at a time. We encourage you to scroll down and take a look! 
MY HERO will not accept artworks that promote hatred, violence, or intolerance. We strive to be an all-ages friendly site, so please keep that in mind when submitting an original work of art for consideration. Work submitted to this multi media competition must celebrate a hero, explore concepts of heroism, or explore hero-related topics.
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Film Festival
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Gallery Contest
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Song Contest
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Story Contest
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MY HERO International Film Festival - Special Awards!

Special Awards
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About My Hero Project

About MY Hero

The MY HERO Project, founded in 1995, provides people of all ages with multimedia tools to share inspiring stories, art, films, and music to share with our global, online learning community. Guests to MY HERO are invited to register and create their own multimedia portfolio that can be enriched year after year. Web-authoring tools have been designed for use in classrooms, homes and libraries for visitors of all ages to create and publish web pages honoring heroes from all walks of life.

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