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  • March 1 $25.00
  • May 1 $30.00
  • July 1 $35.00
  • October 1 $40.00

Acceptable film formats

Public link on Vimeo is preferred. H264, MP4 format. Hi-res (720p or higher)

Submissions for 2022 will be available on FilmFreeway beginning in January 2022.

If you already have an account with FilmFreeway, select this method
You can submit through OUR WEBSITE any time - we are accepting ONGOING SUBMISSIONS. CLICK BELOW TO SUBMIT NOW:

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If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

Students submit for free! Email for code: [email protected]

Format guidelines for non-festival film submissions

  • A link to the video in Vimeo is the preferred method of submission.
  • A link to the video in Youtube, Facebook, and school websites are acceptable.
  • File upload format: .mp4 & .mov.
  • If your film is playable only through a web-based program we can not assure that we will be able the process the submission.

Another option is to email a link to your film or link to a film you want to nominate to: [email protected]


Media Arts Resources

We have developed FREE resources online to help you with creating a hero film. Take advantage of the numerous tutorials and lesson plans covering all aspects of producing a short film about heroism.

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