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Title Author Changed Kind
Jesus christ is my hero Cathrina Mondal 5/23/2022 Art
My hero is mother Dinara Hartonenco 5/23/2022 Story
Jane Eyre Lera Grigor 5/23/2022 Story
Planting Peace: The Story of Wangari Maathai 5/23/2022 Book
My Hero is my mother Francesca Spac 5/23/2022 Story
Kayla Briet - SIZZLE Kayla Briët 5/22/2022 Film
Project Syria: An immersive Journalism Experience Nonny de la Peña 5/22/2022 Film
One Woman Roadblock Mill Valley Film Group 5/22/2022 Film
Freedom Writers: Stories From an Undeclared War [Trailer] Freedom Writers Foundation 5/22/2022 Film
Defying Death in South Sudan Francis Mead 5/22/2022 Film
Mom Lenna Choi 5/22/2022 Story
Vulcan Productions Paul Allen - Vulcan / Louie Psihoyos - Director of Racing Exctinction 5/21/2022 Film
Yasmine Sherif: Global Educator and Champion for Youth Shannon Luders-Manuel 5/20/2022 Story
My hero-my grandmother Iana Racu 5/20/2022 Story
My mom. Constanta Grosu 5/20/2022 Story
Curated MY HERO Multimedia Resources and Lesson Ideas For Middle School Students 5/19/2022 Organizer
Curated MY HERO Resources and Lesson Ideas For High School Students 5/19/2022 Organizer
Curated MY HERO Resources and Lesson Ideas For Elementary School Students 5/19/2022 Organizer
Mallikarjuna Gorla Anand Rao 5/19/2022 Story
My Earth is my hero Guhan Sakthimani 5/19/2022 Art
Sponsor Circle opens hearts and homes to Afghan refugees 5/19/2022 Newswire
Hero Society - Welcome Members 5/18/2022 Page
Become a MY HERO Ambassador 5/18/2022 Organizer
Coronavirus Student Art Contest Winners Spring 2022 5/18/2022 Organizer
International Day for Biological Diversity Lesson Plans For Teachers 5/18/2022 Organizer