Title Author Changed Kind
SANA BAKKOUSH Marinette and Clélia 12/5/2017 Story
Charlie Chaplin Estelle and Laurie 12/5/2017 Story
Michelle Obama Lise and Margaux from France 12/5/2017 Story
MY HERO Joins the Art & Nature Family Festival at the Laguna Art Museum 12/5/2017 Newswire
Erwin Schrodinger and his Cat Shardcore 12/4/2017 Art
Zora Neale Hurston by Robert Shetterly, AWTT Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell the Truth 12/4/2017 Art
Maria Callas Cherry from Taipei 12/2/2017 Story
2017 World AIDS Day 12/2/2017 Organizer
Mrs Gakou Salamata Fofana Maguette Fofana 12/1/2017 Story
Anthony Meng Wendy Jewell 12/1/2017 Story
The Flower Carrier (Cargador de Flores) Diego Rivera (1886 - 1957) 12/1/2017 Art
20 Years of Peace Pals InternationalMay Peace Prevail On Earth 12/1/2017 Organizer
The MY HERO Report Youth Edition II 11/29/2017 Organizer
Rosa Parks Vritika from San Diego 11/29/2017 Story
Dolores Olmedo Patino by Diego Rivera Diego Rivera 11/29/2017 Art
Yuri Mason Monica Olson 11/29/2017 Story
From Child Soldier to Human Rights Activist Mohamed Sidibay 11/29/2017 Story
Teachers Room Tutorial The MY HERO Project 11/29/2017 Film
Poco a Poco (Little by Little) Asya Rachitsky 11/29/2017 Film
Bill Wilson Presley Johnson 11/29/2017 Story
From Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale Station Juztino Panella, Brandon Vance, Tommy Reed, Alan Roberson, Jahan Khalighi, Kokou Katamani 11/28/2017 Film
Jacqueline Moudeina by Tom Block Tom Block 11/28/2017 Art
Bruce Lee Tucker from San Diego 11/28/2017 Story
Rosa Parks by Robert Shetterly 11/28/2017 Art
Creative Visions Foundation Creative Visions 11/27/2017 Film
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