Title Author Changed Kind
Global Educator Award - Sal Khan Acceptance Khan Academy 11/27/2017 Film
Supercharging the Classroom: Using Technology to Support Personalized Learning Edutopia 11/27/2017 Film
Sir Winston Churchill Alexander from San Diego 11/27/2017 Story
Esther Wojcicki 11/27/2017 Organizer
A train station run entirely by volunteers – many well over 60 years old 11/27/2017 Newswire
Meet the 11-year-old inventor working to improve lead water testing 11/27/2017 Newswire
In Switzerland, a 161-year-old organization that champions animals 11/27/2017 Newswire
Lofty Thanksgiving: Astronauts feasting on pouches of turkey 11/27/2017 Newswire
Apollo 12 astronaut Richard Gordon, who circled moon, dies 11/27/2017 Newswire
Children quieted others at California school as gunman fired 11/27/2017 Newswire
Military dog wins British prize for valor under fire 11/27/2017 Newswire
Madeleine L'Engle Karen Pritzker 11/26/2017 Story
The Bird Maker 11/22/2017 Organizer
Kayla Briët 11/22/2017 Organizer
MY HERO Booklet slideshow MY HERO 11/22/2017 Film
Special Award Pages 11/22/2017 Page
Lisa Donato Wendy Jewell 11/22/2017 Story
Universal Childrens Day 11/22/2017 Organizer
Susan Davis, Director 11/22/2017 Story
Xanthe Wells, Advertising Creative Director 11/22/2017 Story
About Women Transforming Media Staff 11/22/2017 Story
Erica Olson, TV Host 11/22/2017 Story
Lindsay McCormick, Sports Broadcaster 11/22/2017 Story
Pat Prescott 11/22/2017 Story
Mary-Lyn Chambers, Director 11/22/2017 Story
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