Title Author Changed Kind
Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award 9/12/2018 Page
Ron Kovic Peace Prize 9/12/2018 Page
Relationships First Award 9/12/2018 Page
Dan Eldon Activist Award 9/12/2018 Page
Immersive Storytelling Award 9/12/2018 Page
Preserve the Environment Stamp by Peter Max 1974 Peter Max 9/12/2018 Art
Laura Bush Ariana from Bentonville 9/12/2018 Story
Elizabeth Blackwell Tahrin and Brooke 9/12/2018 Story
Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu Andreea Minzat, 11th A class from ''Alexandru Papiu Ilarian'' Highschool Dej, Romania 9/12/2018 Story
Dorothea Lynde Dix Sean from Connecticut 9/12/2018 Story
Sal Khan by Harrison Carr Harrison Carr 9/12/2018 Art
Dolley Madison Charlotte from New York 9/12/2018 Story
Debra Ruh makes high-tech available to the disabled David Karas Contributor of The Christian Science Monitor Permission to use this material was granted by The Christian Science Monitor. 9/12/2018 Story
Waging Peace Thomas England 9/12/2018 Art
Condoleezza Rice Tim from San Diego 9/12/2018 Story
Colin Powell Tristan from San Diego 9/12/2018 Story
May Peace Prevail on Earth by Sophie Ye Sophie Ye 9/12/2018 Art
Nelson Mandela-Freedom, Peace by Ben heine Ben Heine 9/12/2018 Art
Ron Kovic by Robert Shetterly, Robert Shetterly 9/12/2018 Art
Elizebeth Friedman Michelle Sze 9/12/2018 Story
Hattie Elizabeth Alexander Caroline from Fredericksburg 9/12/2018 Story
Katherine Johnson Kyra from Ankara, Turkey 9/12/2018 Story
The Hardworking and Fearless Katherine Johnson Khushi Sarolia 9/12/2018 Story
Julius Robert Oppenheimer Connor from San Diego 9/12/2018 Story
George Washington Carver Christian from Las Vegas 9/12/2018 Story
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