Title Author Changed Kind
Marjory Stoneman Douglas "Friends of the Everglades"Permission to use this material was granted by Friends of the Everglades 11/24/2018 Story
Ryan White John from Greensburg 11/24/2018 Story
Vince Coleman (13 March 1872 – 6 December 1917) Victoria of Calgary 11/24/2018 Art
Christina Rossetti Amber from Richmond 11/24/2018 Story
Edith Cavell Kim and Megan from Webb City 11/24/2018 Story
Vivienne Harr Sue Glader 11/24/2018 Story
Craig Kielburger Jane Wallace 11/24/2018 Story
Sompop Jantraka Nicole from Spokane 11/24/2018 Story
Nicholas Negroponte Claudia Herrera Hudson 11/24/2018 Story
Rosa Parks Francisca Stewart 11/24/2018 Story
Bernard Kouchner Babak from Fredericksburg 11/24/2018 Story
Léonard Eva James 11/24/2018 Story
Mother Victoire Tande 11/24/2018 Story
Giving Tuesday 2018 11/24/2018 Story
Susan B. Anthony & Shirley Chisholm Alanis from Sheridan Tech 11/24/2018 Story
T-shirt Prize Stories 2017 to 2018 11/23/2018 Organizer
The Liquidators Léo Kim 11/23/2018 Story
MY HERO T-Shirt Prize Stories Del Norte 2017 to 2018 11/23/2018 Organizer
Fire Fighters Emeline Barata 11/23/2018 Story
Alice Isaure MICHEL 11/23/2018 Story
Teen Press Award 11/22/2018 Page
Ron Kovic Peace Prize 11/22/2018 Page
Relationships First Award 11/22/2018 Page
Dan Eldon Activist Award 11/22/2018 Page
Kaden Logan Brenton 11/22/2018 Story
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