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Title Author Changed Kind
Green Sea Estela Sanchez 12/4/2020 Film
Glimpse of the Horizon Regina Diane Nicholson 12/4/2020 Film
MY HERO Newsletter Archives 12/4/2020 Story
Olivia's Birds and the Oil Spill Lynne Cherry 12/4/2020 Film
Detective Nancy: The Private Eye Will Kramer, Sky Kelly, & Nils WIlson 12/4/2020 Film
Corey Pays it Forward Jonathan Wang 12/4/2020 Film
Jon Rose - Humanitarian Hero Tom Aiello 12/4/2020 Film
Zero Trash Hero Luc LaMontagne 12/4/2020 Film
Crystal Cove State Park Nature Film Madison Sinclair, Nicole Davidson, Rosie Morreale, & Claire Black 12/4/2020 Film
We Are All Somebody 12/4/2020 Film
MY HERO REPORT Kitty Richardson 12/4/2020 Film
2020 Media Arts Educator Award 12/4/2020 Film
Dance With Me Gabriel Diamond 12/3/2020 Film
A Moment in History Paco Anselmi 12/3/2020 Film
SPECIAL HERO AWARD - Ruth Ikeda 12/3/2020 Film
Relationships First Award 12/3/2020 Page
Ron Kovic Peace Prize 12/3/2020 Page
Looking After Our Spirit Mark Pearce 12/3/2020 Film
Help Mary Save Coral Miranda Andersen 12/3/2020 Film
Looking After Our Spirit Mark Pearce 12/3/2020 Film
Eco Club Michael Fenner 12/3/2020 Film
John Alavarez Andrew Kim 12/3/2020 Film
Cory DeVante Williams Dylon Johnson 12/3/2020 Story
Media Award 12/2/2020 Page
Creativity Jackie McMahon 12/2/2020 Film