Check out what came from the students of these inspiring teachers!

I have had the pleasure of facilitating the MY HERO Global Learning Circles for the past 10 years. Learning Circles bring the world into your classroom and your classroom into the world. Over a 4 month period teachers and students from around the world collaborate and learn about each other, each others cultures, communities and of course, HEROES.

Below are some of my favorite works of art, stories, films and audio that have been created by students from around the world under the leadership of amazing and dedicated teachers. I invite you and your class to join the next session of circles by clicking on the link below.

Wendy Jewell, Facilitator, MY HERO Global Learning Circles

ORGANIZER PAGES that capture ALL of their classes works

"It was such a great time, the time we shared, my students and I, with you during this project. We enjoyed researching and writing about our heroes. As we enjoy reading about yours! No doubt this experience will gather us again next year. Teacher "Aziz", Abdelaziz Rhazzali

Our students had a fantastic experience participating in the iEARN Global Collaboration Learning Circle. Communicating with other classrooms around the world is an extremely beneficial opportunity for students who live in a rural area such as ours to catch a glimpse of other cultures and to consider similarities and differences amongst our world's peoples. The My Hero: Call to Action Learning Circle that our students participated in through the iEARN Learning Circleafforded students the opportunity to examine their own thoughts and beliefs about the qualities and characteristics true heroes possess. Furthermore, the circlehelped our classrooms around the world to focus on universally important issues and concerns. Our students here at South Callaway were inspired by the ideas shared by others. Communicating with other students, teachers and Circle facilitators encouraged them to learn more, dig deeper and take more risks. This is an experience that all students may gain much from!

Global TV

Producer: Global TV
Global TV spotlights the My Hero Project in a classroom.


Short films when done well can really melt our hearts and minds. There are some remarkable films from some wonderful students and their dedicated teachers. See for yourself.

The Plastic Perils in an Elementary School Lunch

Producer: Kathryn Zimmerman

South Callaway students take a step in reducing the amount of plastic waste they produce. They offer alternatives to one-time use plastic items found in my students lunch bags.

Be green and recycle

Producer: Mrs. Amal Fahim Elqersh
We take an action and taught KG kids in our school how to be green and recycle. We taught them how to make useful things from the litter and useless things.

TOUCHDOWN! with The Leader in Me

Producer: Kathy ZImmerman
South Callaway 4th graders interview their heroes, the high school football team, to find out how they follow the 7 habits.

Call to Action

Producer: Laura Nietzer
Kids take up activism in memory of a classmate's father.

A Day In The Life of a Silent Hero

Producer: Zvonka Dalić Rink & Kristina Gaberscek
A young student demonstrates everyday heroism.

Rainforest Fable

Producer: Cassidy Hancock, Breanna Meneses
Claymation PSA on the importance of saving world's rainforests. FIELDCREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, CANADA - MALI BICKLEY 5TH GRADE CLASS

Painting Peace

Producer: Slater Jewell-Kemker
Painting a Peace mural for the Art-Miles-Mural-Project.

Hipolito Rodriguez: A Quest for La Joyita

Producer: Marino Miranda Noriega and Andres Galindo Gomez of...
Hipolito Rodriguez is galvanizing the people to help save the forests.

We Are All Somebody

Producer: The Dreamteam from CANADA
Teacher Mali Bickley allows her students' voices to soar.

Imagine Peace

Producer: Mali Bickley & The Dreamteam
A collection of art and prose from children of the world who imagine peace.


There are SO many stories in the past 10 years of MY HERO Global Learning Circles... far too many to put here but these are some that really stayed with me.


By: Mohamed from Tinghir, Morocco
Donkey inspires his family with his hard work and patience.

Stephen Lewis

By: Ingrid from Peterborough, Canada
Stephen Lewis is a former UN Special Envoy in Africa, established his own AIDS foundation.

Henry Lu

By: Hedy from Taipei

A Sister Running an Orphanage in Assam, INDIA

By: Tanjim Iqbal from Balipara, India


By: Biran & Nadav from Holon, Israel

A true hero

By: Anja from Gimnazija Tolmin, Slovenia

Cintya Montes de Oca Satillan

By: Marycruz from Xalapa
Being like someone is not doing the same actions, it's being the same kind of person.


By: Oana-Sanziana from Galati, Romania


By: Primoz from Gimnazija Tolmin, Slovenia

Mariya Bashkirtseva

By: Yulia from Kirovograd

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

By: Bianca

Manahil Amjad

By: Fozia from Peshawar, Pakistan
The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts.
An immense difference.” - Henry Miller

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

By: Artyom from Tselina, Russia
Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist and dissident who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Pyotr Klimuk

By: Alex Nizulko from Braslav, Belarus

Raymond Hao-Tien Huang

By: Tina Yu-Ting from Taipei
Raymond Hao-Tien Huang overcame poverty to become a successful career man, as well as a wonderful father.


Visualizing heroism for many students and teachers is an extremely rewarding experience. Their are some very talented artists in all age groups who share their heroes using art. Be inspired and click around.

Together We Can Unlock Peace

By: Integrated Grade Nine Arts Class - PCVS - Canada

The Great Russian Writer - N. V. Gogol

By: Nastya Kulik - 10th Grade

My Hero is DUCK

By: Antonia from Scoala No. 28, Dan Barbilian, Constanta, Ro...

My Hero Is My Sister

By: Anastasiya Meleshkevich

Peace Fits

By: Integrated Arts Grade Nine Class - PCVS - Canada

Characteristics of a hero?

By: Students from class of Loredana Popa for the My Hero Le...

Rob Stewart

By: Owen from Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Rachel Carson as a Young Girl

By: Maia Desjardins

Selena Gomez

By: Mara Bostan from Constanta


By: Grade 6 Class at Aghbalou Elementary School

Mrs. Anfur Baba

By: Learning Circle

Dr. Shudda S. Rauniya

By: Learning Circle

Together We Can Unlock Peace

By: Integrated Grade Nine Arts Class - PCVS - Canada

My Teacher

By: Mara Epifan from Constanta


Woodrow Wilson Elementary used AUDIO to record their HERO STORIES

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the My Hero learning circles. We began our experience by completing a survey in Google forms to tell information about ourselves. When we learned the location of the other classes in our circle, we used Google earth to look at each location. We responded to the discussion board in the iEarn circle about our thoughts about heroes.

In Mr. Allen's Social Studies class, we did research about our heroes and used audacity to create recordings about our heroes.

At the end of the project, we reviewed the projects created by the other classes around the world. We chose a hero from the completed projects page and responded to questions in a discussion board created by our technology facilitator, Joanna Brown.

Michael JacksonBy: Dennoire, Jadyn, Jay and Estephanie
A student report
Martin Luther King, Jr.By: Brittany, Michael, Aylen and Emir
Maya AngelouBy: Michael, Amaya, Meredity, Emma & Bryson
Abraham LincolnBy: Valerie, Cruz, Daniela and David
A student report.


Many teachers return year after year to the MY HERO Global Learning Circles. These are just a few of them. They tell MY HERO that it is one of the best things they do all year with their students and that the experiential and global nature of the project helps create life long learners.

Mali Bickley

By: David Kemker
Mali Bickley is proud of her students who won Best Film (Rainforest Fable), Elementary category, of the 8th Annual MY HERO Film Festival.

Mali Bickley

By: My Hero Project
Mali Bickley uses technology to help her students connect with their peers around the world to build empathy and tolerance.

Guillermo Ojeda-Lajud

By: Wendy Jewell from The My Hero Project
Guillermo Ojeda-Lajud is teacher in Mexico who helps his students gain filmmaking skills.

Laura Nietzer

By: David Kemker from The My Hero Project
Laura Nietzer inspires her students through the MY HERO Learning Circle.

Barry Kramer

By: David Kemker
Barry Kramer empowers students to ask questions and find answers through Learning Circles, a telecollaborative learning experience.

My teacher, Aziz

By: Soufiane from Tinghir

Mrs. Senger

By: Dylan from Morinville