Mashar High School

Tehran, Iran - MY HERO Learning Circle 2010

We are Iranian. We live in Tehran , the capital city of Iran. My students are in grade eleven . This is an exciting project because it has given us a vast perspective toward different people from different parts of the world.Knowing that you can have more than one hero and learning from others is interesting . We loved doing this and sharing this much information from all over the world. Thank you my hero.

Michael Joseph Jackson

By: Mehrnoosh from Tehran
Ali Asghar Naseri
By: Fatemeh from Tehran
Imam Mahdi
By: Fereshteh from Tehran
I know I couldn`t describe his qualities as they worth.
Professor Mahmoud Hesabi
By: Melika from Tehran
Mike Shinoda
By: Student from Tehran
Ali Shariati
By: Faeze from Tehran
Jules Gabriel Verne
By: Fateme from Tehran
Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real

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