Aghbalou Elementary School -- Call for Action

In this page you will learn about our actions to help nomads in our area and also to adopt positive actions toward the environment.  We are a 5th  grade class from southern Morocco, we had chance this year to take part of the great project  MY HERO and to get inspired to take a positive action toward our community: so we decide to help nomads living in the mountain around and also raising awareness in our village about the importance of a clean environment.... we really enjoyed time with this project and we felt WE CAN make a difference!

When I first brought the topic of My Hero project to my students with the great idea of taking action to help their heroes to achieve their mission and goals.....They think they can not do big thing and they were having a luck of role models in this regards.       I introduce to them  the president of a local organization  that cares about the environment. then he took time to explain the vision and the mission of his organization and discussed a way of getting involved and taking positive action to help.     The ACTION was that they will have to clean the valley from any non organic materials ( plastic bottles, plastic bags,.....) and also to promote the importance of keeping the village clean among the village people and specially kids in school ( the future generation)... this will take place in  by mid- June...

The second idea happened during a school excursion to the mountains around. we met some nomads there and we learned about their way of life and how they are dealing with all the challenges they encounter with water, weather, and other sides of their difficult nomad life.     But the most important thing that really touch   us is that in one of the cave "nomad's house", we met four kids in the same age like us. they were so nice and friendly with us. and we felt so sorry for them not to be able to go to school. we decide to take action and help them...    We decided to bring them clothes other stuff that they need or that may make their life easier... We decided also  to setup a plan with their parents to go in a periodical visits, once a week, in a group of 4 students to help the kids learning how to read, write and do basic mathematic operations

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