UN Sustainable Development Goals Teacher Resources

Share the importance of the UN Sustainability Goals with your students. Bring classrooms to life with MY HERO's Multimedia Resources. 

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Use MY HERO curated multimedia resources connected to UN Sustainability Development Goals to enhance student learning. Short films, art and stories about heroes making a positive difference. Have students individually or in a small group learn about one of the SDGs. Ask students what they can do to make positive changes.



MY HERO Recommends Sharing the Film the World's Largest Lesson with Students as an Introduction to the Importance of the UN Sustainability Development Goals.


The World's Largest Lesson

Produced by:Produced by: Helen Argo / Directed by: Sarah Cox

Everyone must work together to achieve the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development. Great introduction for students of the importance of the SDGs.

Multimedia Resources Organized by Sustainable Development Goal

SDG 17
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Stories with Text and Audio so Students can Listen as They Read Along: Great for ESL/ELL Students

MY HERO UN Sustainable Development Goals Resources for ESL/ELL Students

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO stories with text and audio allowing students the ability to listen as they read along about activists working towards solutions.

For Additional Resources and Lesson Plans, Go to the MY HERO Lesson Plan Center

Lesson Plan Center
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Laura Nietzer

This Sustainable Development Goal resource was created by MY HERO Education Outreach Director Laura Nietzer.

Students can share their Hero Essays, Films and Art through our Create Program

How to use MY HERO's Create Program to Publish Stories, Art, Film and Audio for Students

Tutorial for students: Publish written stories, film, original artwork and audio in MY HERO's multimedia library.

Create Program
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Outstanding essays submitted to MY HERO will be considered for a certificate/t-shirt prize or be featured on the Story Homepage.

Submit your artwork to be entered in the MY HERO art contest or to be exhibited on our Gallery Homepage.

Students can submit their films for free with a waiver to the MY HERO International Film Festival.


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