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Dream Jane Dream: A Tribute to Jane Goodall

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By Lori Henriques Grammy®-Nominated Singer/Songwriter/Producer.


Dream Jane dream How could you see so clearly why you were here
Dream Jane dream Do things seem far away when really they're near
Perhaps it's easier to know where you're going
Than to see where you've been
It helps to have someone who's so good at showing
You that they know you can (Just like your mum did for you)
Dream Jane dream You waited patiently though it took awhile
Dream Jane dream I see your face and I can drink in your smile
No language needed when you held out your hand
And looked right into their eyes To see these creatures reaching back with their fingers
Life is such sweet surprise (Lifting the veil between us)
Dream Jane dream Now thanks to you we know the difference is small
Dream Jane dream Though separate species hardly different at all
I see them cuddling their babes in their arms
Just like I do with my own I watch them do this and my heart feel so warm
I feel so much less alone (We're in this altogether)
Dream Jane dream I hear you telling me to follow my heart
Dream Jane dream Though my own vision next to yours seems so sparse
Like you I'm crouching here with outstretching arm
Hoping that I can connect to something greater than myself in this moment
Will I have an affect (But either way I love to...)
Dream Jane dream

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