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Title Author Changed Kind
Abullatif Abdulnaser from Nashville 9/15/2015 Story
Alexandru Papiu Ilarian Highschool Dej, Romania - My Hero Project 7/18/2013 Organizer
An Athlete Wrestling with a Python (1877) Lord Leighton Frederic 11/8/2016 Art
Ashley Kiera from Chicago 5/13/2011 Story
Bashi-Bazouk (1868-9) Jean-Leon Gerome 12/5/2016 Art
Chris Judd Riley from Surprise 5/13/2010 Story
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lema from San Diego 2/13/2015 Story
Earvin ''Magic'' Johnson Caitlin from Riverview 6/6/2016 Story
Equestrian Portrait of King George II (1743-45) Joseph Highmore 11/8/2016 Art
Examples of Everyday Heroism in Action 7/18/2013 Organizer
Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov Kate Tayurskaya and Nadia Osipova from Kurgan, Russia 5/30/2011 Story
Granville Sharp the Abolitionist Rescuing a Slave from the Hands of His Master (1864) James Hayllar 12/5/2016 Art
Howard Jay Aldrich C.J. 2/23/2012 Story
International Day of the World's Indigenous People 7/18/2013 Organizer
Jackie Robinson #42 Marco from Fresno 8/25/2014 Story
Lane Clyde Frost Chris Thompson and Jesse Cole 7/8/2010 Art
Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) Eric from Lawrence 5/2/2012 Story
Mary Wollstonecraft (Mrs William Godwin), (1790-1) John Opie 11/8/2016 Art
MOHAMMAD BIN MUSA AL-KHAWARIZMI mouad from Laayoune 7/2/2010 Story
Mom Kell from Kennett Square 6/2/2012 Story
My Dad Ger'Shon from Lawndale 11/9/2010 Story
My Grandfather Camille from Suippes 4/13/2011 Story
My Mom Alan from Lawndale 11/6/2010 Story
Nava Graha (Planet Gods) Prakash G Nayak 8/17/2011 Art
Needs work -Vy-Ho Chi Minh Vy from Cortez 7/16/2013 Story
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