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Child Heroes

Akiane Kramarik
is an incredible young artist who is self taught.

Alexandra Scott
raised money for cancer research through her nationwide lemonade stands.

Alicia O'Brien
was the inspiration for Cherie Bennett's novel, Zink.

Ana Dodson
formed Peruvian Hearts to provide Peruvian orphans an education.

Anne Frank
wrote: 'Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. '

Anthony D. Leanna
the 'Heavenly Hats Foundation' at the
age of 10.

Ashley Rhodes-Courter
is an advocate for foster children and adoption rights.

Bilaal Rajan
is the founder of Making Change Now and Canada's child ambassador to UNICEF.

Brandon Keefe
provides books to
libraries in his

Caine Monroy
created a cardboard arcade and launched a movement.

Calista M. Pierce
makes and sells crafts to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Catherine Malonza
saved her brother's life.

Connie O'Connell
was a hero and inspiration to her family.

Craig Kielburger
believes kids can change the world.

Deland Chan
started an environmental group at the YMCA in New York City.

Devin VanCleave
was the Ambassador for a campaign to collect toys for children's hospitals.

Efren Penaflorida
helped create Dynamic Teen Company

Elizabeth Cline
is a hero to her sister, Hallie.

Ellie Wen
created a website to help people learn to speak English.

Gerson Andres Florez Perez
was nominated
for the Nobel Peace
Prize at age 16.

Gina Gallant
is an inventor whose
passion is protecting the environment.

Global Kids Leaders
to help their
schools and

Hannah Taylor
started the Ladybug Foundation to help the homeless in her community.

Ibrahim Alex Bangura
music that sends a
message of peace
and tolerance.

Iqbal Masih
was a brave advocate for child labor laws in Pakistan.

Jason Crowe
received the UN's
Global Peace &
Tolerance Award.

Jason XV: Argonaut
Maria Victoria Ferrara

participated in 'Rainforests at the Crossroads' in Panama.

Jason XV: Panamanian Argonaut:
Andrea Kam

participated in the 'Rainforests at the Crossroads' expedition.

Jeneece Edroff
is a determined fundraiser who raises money to help children with serious illnesses.

Jennifer Smith
is an author, mentor and advocate for understanding those who have dyslexia.

Jimmy Woodard
helps community groups with his knowledge of media and technology

John Tacket
is remembered as
a courageous,
fun-loving boy.

proved how strong a young girl can be to her sister, Kia.

inspires her older cousin with her courage and spirited ability to overcome obstacles.

is an autistic child who turns her disability into a strength through her imagination.

Madeline Shields
is a hardworking teen who embodies the best of family and community values.

Malala Yousafzai
speaks out for the rights of girls to have an education.

Mattie Stepanek
is a hero to people of all ages around the world.

Maura Welch
was recognized by NetAid for her work to spread awareness about child labor.

Mike Browne
started Get the Lead Out of Fishing

Molly's Film
The Story of a Young Filmmaker

is the winner of the 8th Annual MY HERO Film Festival.

Mory Sanberg
makes bag lunches for the homeless people in her city.

Nicole Beal
inspires her friend, Ashley, with her courage and positive outlook on life.

Peace Children
voted overwhelmingly for peace and change.

is working for change
in the Balkans.

Rina Goldberg
refused to let her disease smother her dream.

Ruby Bridges
bravely led the way to desegregation of schools as a child.

wanted to
run before he
could walk.

Ryan Hreljac
helps build wells for clean water in Africa.

Ryan White
devoted his life to educating the public about AIDS.

Sadako Sasaki
inspired an international peace movement.

Samantha Marie Rowlands
to read when
others said she

Skye Malik
founded the Paco Project to empower those with dyslexia.

is a student reporter who exudes peace and goodness everywhere she goes.

Sophie Delezio
was an ambassador for 2008 World Youth Day.

The Little Rock Nine
bravely fought discrimination to attend an all white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Tori Degen
is a two-time cancer survivor who shares her story to help others in need.

Vivienne Harr
founded Make a Stand Lemon-aid to raise fund for organizations that fight child slavery.

Wang Yani
has been painting since
she was three
years old.

William Kamkwamba
designed and built a windmill, at the age of 14, for his family in Malawi, Africa.


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