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Freedom Heroes

Abraham Lincoln
was a U.S president who fought for the abolition of slavery while keeping the country united.

Abraham Lincoln's Life, Leadership, & Legacy:

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Reveals the Man Behind the Icon

Albert Luthuli
won a Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent work against South African apartheid.

Alexander Hamilton
helped established a thriving U.S. republic with strong moral values.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn
was a Russian novelist and dissident who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Alexey Maresyev
was a Russian fighter ace in World War II who flew without legs.

An Chang Ho
helped gain independence for South Korea and influenced its present culture.

Angela Davis
is a leader, author, and professor who has fought for decades for human rights.

Art Miki
founded the National Association for Japanese Canadians to help redress Japanese rights lost during WWII.

Aung San Suu Kyi
has dedicated her life to freeing Burma from a repressive dictatorship and creating democracy without violence.

Bantu Stephen Biko
founded the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa.

Bayard Rustin
was an important leader in the U.S. Civil Rights movement.

Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia
was president of Mexico and is known as Mexico's Abraham Lincoln.

Benjamin Franklin
was an inventor, diplomat, writer, and a huge influence on American history.

Bill Bradley
once a pro-basketball player now is a politician who advocates reform to make America better for all.

Booker T. Washington
was an educator and the founder of the Tuskegee Institute.

Cesar Chavez
was steadfast, brave and had a benevolent heart during his struggle to help farmworkers.

Cesar Chavez
was a tireless advocate for migrant farm workers.

Chief Joseph
led the Nez Perce tribe in an effort to keep its homeland.

Chief Standing Bear
argued successfully for Native Americans to have the right of habeas corpus.

Clarence Darrow
is Morris Dees' hero.

Colin Powell
is an honored statesman and military leader who continues to serve.

Condoleezza Rice
was the first female African-American U.S. Secretary of State.

Corazon Aquino
was the beloved president of the Philippines who stepped up to help her nation.

Craig Kielburger
believes kids can change the world.

Crazy Horse
bravely fought for the freedom of the Sioux Nation.

Dalai Lama
is the religious leader of Tibet and an emblem of Tibet's hopes for freedom.

Daniel Pearl
was a Wall Street Journal reporter who reported the news with courage, integrity, and intelligence.

Deborah Sampson
was the first American woman who fought as a man for freedom.

Declaration of Human Rights
established the basis for human rights beliefs and practices
all over the world.

Desmond Tutu
worked to end apartheid in South Africa and encourages forgiveness.

Doris 'Granny D' Haddock
was a political activist who walked across America in her ninetieth year.

Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr.
"I Have a Dream"

was the civil rights speech that moved the world

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Congressman John Lewis talks about how Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired him as a young man during the Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet
is known as the 'Mandela of Cuba' because he bravely defends the rights of Cuban citizens.

Dwight Eisenhower
was a successful WW2 general and a wise and insightful U.S. president.

Eleanor Roosevelt
was a champion for freedom and devoted her life to gaining rights for others

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
was a pioneer in the movement for women's rights.

Ella J. Baker
was an early and life-long civil rights activist.

Emma Lazarus
was an advocate for immigrants' rights and wrote the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.

Emmeline Pankhurst
fought tirelessly for women's suffrage, and succeeded.

Fadela Amara
is recognized throughout France as a champion of women's rights.

Fannie Lou Hamer
was a civil rights leader and voting rights advocate.

Frances Ellen Watkins
was a prolific author and poet who devoted her life to speaking out against slavery.

Francis Scott Key
wrote the Star Spangled Banner and was a champion of Native Americans

Francisco De Miranda
led the way to freedom from Spain for Venezuela and other South American countries.

Frank Mugisha
is a courageous gay activist from Uganda.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The New Dealer
guided the United States through the Great Depression and World War II.

Fred Korematsu
bravely protested the Japanese-American internment.

Frederick Douglass
courageously spoke out against slavery and became a trusted advisor to Abraham Lincoln.

George Washington
was the first President of the United States.

Grace Lee Boggs
has advocated for marginalized people for over 70 years

Harriet Tubman
organized the Underground Railroad and helped lead slaves to freedom.

Helen Suzman
bravely stood up against apartheid and was the first female South African Minister of Parliament.

Helen Zia
is an Asian American journalist, scholar and activist for human rights.

Ian McKellen
is an accomplished English actor and human rights activist.

Inez Milholland Boissevain
lived a brief but spectacular life dedicated to women's suffrage.

Inge Sargent
is a Burmese princess devoted to human rights for all.

Iqbal Masih
was a brave advocate for child labor laws in Pakistan.

Jackie Robinson
broke the color barrier in major league baseball.

James Armistead
helped George Washington win American Independence.

James Reeb
risked his own life as a brave civil rights crusader.

Janet Jagan
was the first female president of Guyana and dedicated her life to building the independence of a nation.

Janusz Korczak
stayed behind to protect his orphan students during the Holocaust.

Jeremy Glick
was a hero of Flight 93 and Emmy's beloved father.

Jessie Daniel Ames
worked openly and actively on behalf of racial justice.

John Adams
worked as hard for peace for the United States as he did for its independence.

John Lewis
has worked for civil rights for all for over 40 years.

Johnny Weir
is an Olympic figure skater and activist for young people who need acceptance.

Jose Manuel Ramos-Horta
is Kerry Kennedy's hero because of his human rights work in East Timor.

Jose Marti
is considered the father of Cuba's battle for independence.

Jose Rizal
is one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines

Joseph Ki-Zerbo
works to help Africans retain control of their country's agriculture.

Josephine Baker
was a popular African American dancer in France, fought for civil rights and freedom against the Nazis.

Judah Maccabee
led the struggle to keep Jewish culture and heritage alive.

Judy Feld Carr
secretly helped thousands of Jews escape from Syria.

Kailash Satyarthi
is determined to end child labor practices around the world.

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
was the first known activist for gay rights.

Kimmie Weeks
is a human rights activist and teacher.

Kofi Annan
is an honored freedom and peacemaker hero.

Lev Sapega
was the editor and publisher of the first constitution in Europe.

Lidya Vladimirovna Litvak
was a WW2 Soviet flying ace who gave her life to protect her homeland.

Liu Xiaobo
is a Nobel Prize winning human rights activist.

Lucky Chhetri
runs the 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking company and Empowering Women of Nepal

Lydia Maria Child
wrote brilliantly to advocate for the abolition of slavery.

Lyndon B. Johnson
was John's great grandfather and the 36th President of the United States.

Malala Yousafzai
speaks out for the rights of girls to have an education.

Malcolm X
was a warrior in the fight against racism.

Marian Wright Edelman
is one of the country's leading advocates for children.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Peaceful freedom fighter and civil rights activist

Mary Church Terrell
was an early African American civil rights leader and educator.

Mary Harris Jones
worked to free men, women, and children from industrial slavery.

Mary Richards Bowser
was a black spy in the Confederate White House of Jefferson Davis.

Medgar Wiley Evers
worked to end racism in America

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
is a beloved leader and martyr of Mexico's independence.

Mohammad Hatta
was a central figure in Indonesia's fight for independence.

Mohandas K. Gandhi
used non-violence to free India from British rule.

Morris Seligman Dees
is the co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

led the Jews from slavery and gave them religious laws.

Nelson Mandela
was a peacemaker and a freedom hero.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
dedicated his life to abolishing apartheid and establishing a democracy in South Africa.

Olympe de Gouges
was a French playwright, feminist and abolitionist.

led the Seminoles in their battle for independence.

Paul Revere
risked his life for the freedom of the American colonies.

Paul Robeson
was a singer, actor, football player scholar and civil rights activist.

Pernille Ironside goes to war zones to free child soldiers
Pernille Ironside goes to war zones to free child soldiers

Qasim Amin
was a forerunner in the fight for women's liberation in the Islamic world.

helped to create the nation of Pakistan and obtain significant political rights for Muslims

promotes women's rights through non-violent action.

Razia Jan
founded Razia's Ray of Hope to improve the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan.

Rev. James Reeb
worked for equal rights for all.

Reverend Peter Nguyen Van Hung
works to end human trafficking of Vietnamese women workers and brides.

Robert F. Kennedy
was a voice for the powerless and advocate for human rights.

Roger Nash Baldwin
A pioneer in the struggle for civil justice.

Ronald V. Dellums
is a former U.S. Congressman who fought against apartheid in South Africa.

Rosa Parks
made history when she refused to sit in the back of the bus.

Ruby Bridges
bravely led the way to desegregation of schools as a child.

Sergio Vieira de Mello
was a Brazilian UN diplomat remembered for his courageous dedication for peace.

Shirin Ebadi
is a human rights activist who works to promote peace.

Simon Bolivar
freed a great portion of South America.

Sojourner Truth
born into slavery, worked for the freedom of all.

Stetson Kennedy
was a writer and human rights activist who endangered his life to stop racism.

Susan B. Anthony
led the early Women's Suffrage Movement.

Susie King Taylor
was a pioneer in the struggle for African American women's rights.

The Danish Resistance
acted bravely in a time of darkness.

The Greensboro Four
protested segregation with a sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter.

The Little Rock Nine
bravely fought discrimination to attend an all white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
remains vigilant in its mission until the promise of America is made real for ALL Americans.'

Thomas Garrett
risked his wealth to help run the Underground Railroad.

Thomas Jefferson
helped the American Colonies achieve independence from Britain.

Thomas Paine
influenced the direction that the early United States would follow.

Thurgood Marshall
was the first African-American to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tiananmen Square
discuss freedom and democracy at Tian An Min Square.

Todd Beamer
was a hero of Flight 93 on 9/11.

Ulysses S. Grant
helped calm the U.S. after the Civil War.

Vaclav Havel
despite censorship, wrote plays that helped keep the hope of freedom alive....

Varian Fry
helped thousands of refugees escape from France during WWII.

Vivienne Harr
founded Make a Stand Lemon-aid to raise fund for organizations that fight child slavery.

W.E.B. Dubois
was a leading 19th century writer and scholar.

William Wallace
was a late 13th century freedom fighter for Scotland and Ireland

Winston Churchill
was one of the first to recognize and warn others of Hitler's danger to freedom and human rights.

Zumbi dos Palmares
was an African Brazilian abolitionist who is honored as a symbol of freedom.


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