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Musician Heroes

Aaron Copland
is one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century.

was a beloved Mexican singer who often donated
earnings to charity.

Alexander Borodin
was an accomplished chemist, composer and staunch advocate of women's rights.

Antonin Dvorak
was a Czech composer who influenced other artists.

Arn Chorn-Pond
is a human rights activist who uses music to reach hearts and minds

Benjamin (Benny) David Goodman
launched the careers of many major names in jazz while breaking racial barriers.

Bessie Smith
'Empress of the Blues,' left a rich legacy in jazz, blues and rock and roll with her unexcelled artistry and emotion.

Bob Dylan
is a pioneer musician and singer songwriter who continues to influence music today.

Bob Geldof
is known for his anti-poverty work for Africa and is a Nobel Prize nominee.

Bob Marley
had a vision of One World, One Love.

Bruce Springsteen
is a musician who 'taps the full power of music to tell the real American story'.

Camille Zamora & Monica Yunus
are best friends who founded Sing for Hope

Charlie Parker
was a great musician and father.

Derrick Tabb
founded Roots of Music to inspire and mentor young musicians in New Orleans.

Dexter Gordon
was a musician nominated for an Oscar.

Donald Knaack
is a musician whose unique productions inspire people of all ages to explore, create and give back to others.

Doug Miller
Is an iconic artist and musician in Laguna Beach, Calfifornia.

Dr. Margaret Martin
founded the Harmony Project to encourage young people through music.

Duke Ellington
inspires Pulitzer Prize-winning musician Wynton Marsalis.

Ella Fitzgerald
was a beloved songstress who used her success to help people of all races, cultures and beliefs.

Favio Chavez
brings joy and hope to children through music.

Frank Sinatra
was an iconic singer and film actor who established popular music's modern phrasing.

Frank Zappa
was a musician and composer with a flair for the absurd.

Franz Liszt
was a musical composer and piano prodigy.

Freddie Mercury
was the memorable lead singer of the band, Queen.

George Enescu
was a famous Romanian violinist and composer.

Herb Alpert
is a musician and artist who inspires young people to reach their potential.

Inul Daratista
is an Indonesian singer fighting to break cultural boundaries

Jack Johnson
is a musician who encourages kids to take care of the environment.

Jessica Baron
is the founder of Guitars in the Classroom

Jimmy Page
continues to be an inspiration to musicians worldwide.

Johan (Jean) Julius Christian Sibelius
was an innovative modern composer.

Johann Sebastian Bach
was a major influence on Western classical music.

John Coltrane
was a jazz saxophonist who helped develop free jazz.

John Denver
was an American songwriter/singer and activist for the environment.

Johnny Hiland
overcame a visual impairment to become a renowned guitarist.

Katie Lee
is a passionate advocate for wilderness.

Kenji Williams
creates music and films that celebrate the earth from the perspective of space.

Lady Gaga
is a multi-talented performer and activist for gay rights.

Lady Gaga
uses her fame to campaign for LGBT rights.

Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong
is one of the most successful and influential jazz musicians in history.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
was one of the greatest composers of classical music.

Marian Anderson
was a world-renowned opera singer.

Michael Franti
sends a message of peace and tolerance through his music.

Michael Jackson
was capable of interpreting music and dance his own unique way.

Miriam Makeba
was a singer and a human rights campaigner.

harnesses the power of music to change youth attitudes about mental health.

Nick Jonas
inspires listeners to his music with his meaningful lyrics.

Paul Hewson (Bono)
is a musician, family man and humanitarian.

Paul Robeson
was a singer, actor, football player scholar and civil rights activist.

Pete Seeger
is a beloved American song writer and performer.

Philly Bongole Lutaaya
was the first Ugandan to put a human face on AIDS.

Playing For Real
Reggie McBride & Mark Johnson make Peace through Music with Playing for Change.

Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky
left an unforgettable legacy of wonderful music.

continues to inspire a generation of children and their parents with his music

Ray Charles
used jazz to create a new genre of music.

Reba McEntire
is the 'Queen of Country' music and a generous humanitarian.

Riley B. King
is recognized as one of the greatest Blues guitarists.

Rosetta Tharpe
is the godmother of rock and roll who put the magic of gospel into the hearts of her audiences.

Scott Joplin
composed operatic and ragtime music and influenced early jazz.

Shania Twain
is a beloved country music singer who overcame the odds.

Sir Elton John
is a successful musician who is also a champion of LGBT and AIDS issues.

Stephen Sondheim
composed popular Broadway musicals.

Stevie Wonder
a musician who has overcome great obstacles

The VH1 Save the Music Foundation
is a hero to Libby for its dedication to keep music education in the public schools.

Tim McIlrath
composes and performs music that makes raises awareness about bullying.

Todor Proeski
was a famous Macedonian singer-songwriter who held benefit concerts for UNICEF.

Vy Higginsen
brings gospel music to at risk teens.

Wladyslaw Szpilman
was a survivor of the holocaust but went on to perform beautiful music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
was a prolific and influential classical music composer.

Wynton Marsalis
is dedicated to passing on the benefits of music education to young people.

Yo-Yo Ma
strives to bring together different cultures through music.

is a chorus of senior citizens that sings classic rock and pop songs.


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