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Philosopher Heroes

was one of the greatest philosophers of all time.

Benjamin Franklin
was a scientist, inventor, visionary, statesman and philosopher.

Clive Staples Lewis
wrote the Chronicles of Narnia series as well many other books.

was a philosopher of ancient China.

Edgar Allan Poe
was a writer and poet who explored psychology and science in his works.

Giordano Bruno
was a free thinker of the Renaissance who was martyred for his beliefs.

Henry David Thoreau
a naturalist, social philosopher and writer.

Hugo Grotius
was a scholar who advocated for peace between nations based on natural law and reason.

she taught mathematics and natural philosophy over 1500 years ago

Lao Tzu
was a poet and the founder of philosophical Taoism.

Morris S. Schwartz
was a professor who taught us how to live life with joy.

Noam Chomsky
is a linguist and influential public activist.

was a great thinker, philosopher, teacher and advocate for human rights.

contributed to our understanding of mathematics, music and astronomy.

is an important founder of Western philosophy.

Thomas Jefferson
wrote the Declaration of Independence for the United States

Viktor Frankl
established a psychological understanding of the human search for meaning.

was a French writer and philosopher and advocate of free speech.

Will Rogers
was a beloved humorist and humanitarian.


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