4:49  |   2016  |  Documentary  |  Ethiopia  |  Produced by: Speed School Fund / Directed by: Mo Scarpelli

Speed School is an accelerated learning program that compresses three years of curriculum into 10 months, enabling out-of-school children to acquire the skills needed to re-enter formal education. At the end of the program, 9 out of 10 students pass the exam which enables them to re-enter mainstream public education alongside other children their own age. The Speed School Fund is based on the success of the Speed School program funded by the Legatum Foundation which has helped over 100,000 children get back to school in West Africa and Ethiopia. With the concept proven, anchor donors Legatum Foundation and fund manager, Geneva Global, have scaled the program into a pooled funding vehicle enabling many more donors to collaborate to help out-of-school children get back to class. The fund is mobilizing $250m to scale the program globally.

Rake Films

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