Stand Up
2:45  |   2016  |  Music Video  |  USA  |  P.M. Eaton

1st Place WINNER OF THE 2016 SONG CONTEST - SUBMIT YOUR SONG: myhero.com/SongContest ---- P.M. Eaton wrote this song for his students in response to their association with the National Liberty Museum and being exposed to their message of "Live Like A Hero". A message communicated throughout the museum in the displays contained within, of lives that were lived with purpose and a regard for others that always came with personal sacrifice. This message teaches that we can all do something to change our world for the better through service, sacrifice, love and care for each other. We also wanted to say thank you to Mitch Ablom for encouraging us first with his words about one of our other songs and then also for his work at his "Have Faith" orphanage in Haiti. Another shining example of living like a hero.

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