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Shared by Mrs. Kalyuzhna's 6 grade ~ MY HERO Learning Circle

Dear friends! Our heroes were from Kirovograd, Ukraine.
Their lives were very different but all of them loved their motherland so much.

Anna Dmytryan
By Lena from Kirovograd
Nikolay Lvovich Davydov
By Denys from Kirovograd
Jevhen Malanjuk
By Zhenya from Kirovograd
Irina Belotelkina
By Anna from Kirovograd

Georgy Langemak
By Andrew from Kirovograd
Dmytro Chyzhevsky
By Juliya from Kirovograd
Leonid Kutsenko
By David from Kirovograd

6D Form. Kirovograd. 2011
6D Form. Kirovograd. 2011

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