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Hero from Kirovograd
Shared by Mrs. Kalyuzhna's 6 grade

Dear friends! Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of great community "My Hero". Our conclusion that everyone can be a hero. The heroes of our stories are people who were born in our city and made a significant contribution to our culture. Although their lives were not easy, they confidently walked to their purpose.

Olexandr Osmerkin
By Denys from Kirovograd
Arseny Tarkovsky
By Andrew from Kirovograd
Yakov Pauchenko
By David from Kirovograd
Yuliy Meitus
By Lena from Kirovograd

Marko Kropyvnytsky
By Juliya from Kirovograd
Alexandr Pashutin
By Zhenya from Kirovograd
Ivan Karpenko-Kary
By Anna from Kirovograd

Form 6 D. NVC "Kirovogradskiy Collegium"
Credit: Ukraine
Form 6 D. NVC "Kirovogradskiy Collegium"
Credit: Ukraine

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