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by Joshua from Longmont

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach did many things that contribute to our society today. Also he is a hero. He is a hero because he worked to support a total of twenty kids, he had strong religious beliefs and, most importantly, he devoted his life to music.

Bach was a good father and had many children. With his first wife, he had seven children and, with his second, thirteen. Bach had to work hard to support his family. To get enough money he had to constantly move his family.

Bach had very strong religious beliefs. He was a Lutheran and spent most of his life working at churches. At the churches he worked for, he mainly composed music and was the organist. Most of his pieces are also religious. Because of this, we can credit Bach for many songs in the Lutheran hymnal.

Bach wrote over 100 pieces for a variety of instruments, most of which have instrumental parts for at least five instruments. While doing this he invented many new musical concepts, the most important of which is counterpoint, the use of multiple melodies. Bach’s works and musical techniques are still used today.

Bach did a wide variety of things to make him important. Mostly he is known for his works, but Bach had a busy life of his own. The most important thing to remember about Bach is that he is a hero.

Written by Joshua from Longmont
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