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Christian Harvey states, "The world needs a few less architects and a few more bricklayers." How true this is. It means we need a few less dreamers and a few more do-ers.
Hey there and welcome to my 'My Hero' page, all about Christian Brian Alexander Harvey!

My name is Elsbeth Cossar. I am 14 years old and I am in the arts program at P.C.V.S. I met Christian through an extra curricular cooking program. Over the past few months we've become great friends and I've learned a lot about cooking! :) Also, Christian has become my friend, my mentor, and my hero!

"All you need is a little pure-awesomeness, a sprinklin' of super-cool, and a touch of heck-YEAH...and well that's about it..."

by Elsbeth from Norwood

Christian Harvey
Christian Bryan Alexander Harvey; his name is huge and his accomplishments are even bigger.

Christian is a youth worker. This means that he travels around, visiting schools, and talking about social justice and bullying. He teaches different elementary school classes about how to stop bullying. He also talks about social justice and personal spirituality. During high school at Adam Scott, he volunteered at Calvary Church in grades 11 and 12. Christian would work after school and volunteer to help at the junior high program, working with the youth and discussing spiritual relations.

Along with being a youth worker, Christian runs this cooking program, and also designs Podcasts for justgeneration.ca. These are also on social justice (i.e., sweatshops).

Christian Harvey
Christian Harvey was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on September 16th. He moved to Arthur, Ontario and attended Arthur Public School. During his elementary years, Christian experienced a bit of bullying himself. But using the methods that he still passes on to people today, he got through it. During high school at Adam Scott in Peterborough, Christian grew out of being bullied, despite his shoulder length hair and bell bottom trousers. He was on the Student Council and took part in a lot of drama and artistic classes.

Christian attended Eastern Pentacostal Bible College in Old Peterbro. Also, he almost graduated from Tindale University with a bachelor's degree in religious education.

As I mentioned before, Christian works with a handful of us teens, and we cook for a community cooking program. He co-organizes it and every week we're hunkering down at St. John's Anglican Church making food. Every time is different and exciting when we're cooking for people who are incapable of cooking for themselves, or if they are too sick to. We cook, taste-test, pack, label and freeze the food before sending it off to those in need. Christian is the heart and soul of this amazing program and I look forward to it every week. We've started to knit scarves and mittens, as well, during these cold winter months.

I asked him, "If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?"

"My one wish for the world would be for us to all see each other as if we are really equal. Despite our colour, our race, or our beliefs."

Written by Elsbeth from Norwood
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Just Generation is the youth initiative of The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund for sustainable development, relief, refugees, and global justice.

Kids Health.org Dealing with Bullying

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