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Do you have a hero today? Do you want one??? Well, I believe everyone should have a hero. My hero is Carey Thomas and she was a president of Bryn Mawr College. She fits my definition of a hero. My definition of a hero is persons who are themselves and have confidence in themselves. Also who can try for or achieve their goals. Many people don’t think they need a hero but I'm here to change that opinion because heroes are really helpful for you to achieve what you want.

by Tiana from Wallingford

Carey Thomas was a hero. She was born in 1857 in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. She was very important back in the 19th century because she was the first woman to become a college president. She’s not that important to other people unless you go to the college that she ran or if you saw how enthusiastic and brave she was and, if you think about it, she was in a really high class for women back then. Some of the things she did to make herself important was that she failed a lot of times. She took many tests and she failed. On the 6th try, she got it and got ranked higher. Once she became the president of the college, she was one of the best people in the building at her time. She was brave to stand up to people and tell them that they were wrong and that’s really hard for some people to hear. She had a lot of confidence in herself and she managed to get ranked very high and she wasn’t done. She wanted to go farther but she did not achieve that goal but she was pretty close.

Carey Thomas (www.msa.md.gov/.../ womenshall/html/thomas.html)
She graduated Cromwell College in 1877. She was a very bright woman, she was very brave and my hero has to be very brave. Many people thought she wouldn’t be able to achieve what she wanted to but she did and many of her enemies, as she called them, were shocked. People were giving her dirty looks and criticizing her but she didn’t care. She knew she could do it and she set her mind to it. She was in all the top classes, she never skipped a day of school, and she always wanted to do well. She always paid attention to classes and she said, "School is not for friends, it’s for education" and that’s a quote that many people should consider. The impact was a woman who was getting higher in the ranks of school and she was getting all these degrees that they didn’t think she could.

Carey Thomas (www.brynmawr.edu)
1884, she became a dean of the Bryn Mawr and chair of English at the new college. She was bright and she got a higher degree. She was achieving what she wanted to achieve and that’s part of my definition of a hero. She wanted to go higher so she became a dean of college and she wanted everything that she could get or at least try to get. She worked her hardest and tried her best. In 1984, she was elected president of Bryn Mawr College. That was her school and she was the one in charge. She was the hardest working female in the United States, I think, and I think she’s an amazing hero because of this. She tried her best and she got what she wanted. 

The benefits that Carey left behind was a fantastic college for other people to get their education. She had done a lot to the college. She put in a lot of effort to make the next group of people have as great a life as she did. She had made the college a fantastic place. Her ashes are still there at the campus to share with others that she was very proud of what she had accomplished. Some advice Carey Thomas would give me is that I should try my best on all that I try to do and that it’s ok to fail more than once. She realized that all the mistakes she made had helped her. She would say, do what you want in your life and be yourself no matter what you want to do. That is why Carey Thomas is my hero.

Written by Tiana from Wallingford
Last changed on: 12/23/2015 12:36:58 PM

Carey Thomas Bryn Mawr College Library

Biography courtesy o. "Carey MThomas." [Online] Available http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/educ/exhibits/womenshall/html/thomas.html.

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