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by Harmeet from Jalandhar

Head Teacher Ms.P.K.Dhillon and Ms.Harmeet Kaur

I, Harmeet Kaur, and my students are so thankful to 'My Hero: Call to action' Learning Circle Project. It was for the first time when we have joined this International collaborative Learning Circle. My students' work is appreciated by Global teaching faculty. It is a huge honour for me and for my students. First of all, my students prepared "Class Survey" which was uploaded on youtube and shared with Learning Circle members. It was a marvelous experience to make it and very satisfying moment when we heard beautiful comments about the Class Survey by facilitator Wendy and other partners. The link of this video is herewith attached, please.


Students from Azerbaijan (IEARN My Hero Project Forum (Ms.Aytan, teacher.))

Then the students had discussion about their Heroes. Everyone had their own views and ranged from class discussion to Skype with Azerbaijani students. Special thanks to Wendy and Ayton. During Skype with Ayton and her students we realized that this world is too small. What if we are living at different corners of the world, even then we are so close. Apart from this, these little Azerbaijani kids left their beautiful innocent impressions on our hearts. They were so good when they were discussing about their Heroes. 

Personal (Harmeet Kaur)

My students had a great class discussion and finally they decided to spread message to CARE for everything. They decided to visit a school where students with special needs are getting their education. Before this visit they prepared beautiful cards for these students, painted/decorated pots by writing CARE messages on it and started saving their pocket money to buy eatables for these  students. 

Personal (Harmeet Kaur)

On 26.04.16, my Grade 10 students along with four teachers visited RED CROSS SCHOOL FOR DEAF, Jalandhar City, which is 40 km far from our school.They presented all the gifts, cards, pots and eatables to the students. It was really great feeling of CARE, care towards the weaker section of the society. They also learned their sign language, observed their classes and made new friends.

On 30.04.16 , a special morning assembly was organized in our school. In this assembly students shared their experiences about The MY HERO Project and their visit to RED CROSS SCHOOL FOR DEAF. This is all about our journey of six months. But the story does not end here. My students got lifelong assets in the form of Life Skills through this project which they carry whole life along with them.

Thank you very much.

Harmeet Kaur

Written by Harmeet from Jalandhar
Last changed on: 5/29/2016

www.youtube.com Class Survey submitted by Grade 10 students.

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