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by Ryan from Calgary

Chief Crowfoot Web (I made it.)

Chief Crowfoot was born on an unknown date, but he was born south of the Red Deer River as a Blood Indian. After his fatherís death, his mother had got married again and Crowfoot moved to the Blackfoot lodge. Then a few years later, his older brother was murdered, so Chief Crowfoot got very angry and avenged his brotherís death by starting a war. After this victory, his followers gave Crowfoot the name of his dead brother {which was Crow bigfoot}. After the battle, Crowfoot gained quite a reputation because he was very courageous in battle and also he was very successful. Crowfoot always rode a very nice white horse, then started wearing bright clothes and always carried an umbrella to protect him from the things in the world.

Chief Crowfoot (www.ammsa.com)

Chief Crowfoot's life was remarkable because he was a chief and was treated like a king. He lived far back then and life was a lot harder. Chief Crowfootís life was admirable because he was very wise, intelligent and he always tried to keep peace instead of fighting. Chief Crowfoot turned out like this because when he was little he had a great responsibility and many things were expected from him and also he learned from many of his mistakes. The most troubling characteristic is that if he really trusted you, he would sign things without reading them. The most helpful characteristic was that he knew fighting was not the way to solve problems and he would always try to prevent it. The biggest mistake Chief Crowfoot did was sign treaty #7 {on September 22, 1877} so white people could come, but if I was him I would ask what the treaty had written on it and then I would disagree and say that the land would get too crowded. The 2 most important things that you can learn from Chief Crowfoot's life are never sign a piece of paper if you havenít read it and donít fight because it doesnít solve problems. Some people say you can judge people's lives by their enemies but in Chief Crowfoot's life, I donít think that this is true because Chief Crowfoot never really had any enemies.

Parents of some heroes help guide them on their way but not with Chief Crowfoot. He became a chief after his brother's death and he started a small war and he planned it all himself. Chief Crowfoot had many rules and beliefs and I think some of the rules were to never fight, keep trying and keep peace. Some of his beliefs were about great spirits, and vision quests.

Some people do not know what a hero is, so here is my definition. It is to be courageous, never give up, and never show off. I think my person was a hero because he saved his tribe from death. If you are wondering about the difference between a celebrity and a real hero, a hero encourages people to try harder, help out the world, and never stop. My heroís hero was probably his brother/elder Crow Bigfoot.

If you are wondering where Chief Crowfoot spent his later years, he stayed with his tribe on the plains until he died on April 25 1890 and I do not know if any of his family members are still alive.

Drawing of Chief Crowfoot (I drew it.)

The only award Chief Crowfoot got was when he signed the treaty and every chief got a medal and the only special recognition was becoming a chief.

Chief Crowfoot and his family

I chose this person because I never had known much about aboriginal life in Canada and I was curious about Chief Crowfoot. I learned from him that fighting is not always the way to solve things and he taught us to not sign things if you havenít read it even if you would trust them.

Written by Ryan from Calgary
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