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"God, I hope I wear this jersey forever."

by Brendan from Quakertown

Let's do this thing

Derek Jeter is my hero because he inspires me to try my best and never give up. He is also my hero because he does so much for other people that are less fortunate by donating money to the poor. He is a hero to many people because of what he does for the community. Overall, one of the qualities I admire most is his perseverance.

Derek Jeter was born on June 26, 1974 in Pequannock New Jersey. He actually grew up 30 miles from Yankee Stadium and started tĖball at the age of 5.

Let's start it up
Derek Jeter inspirers me to try my best and never give up because if he gets a bad pitch he will not give up, he will get back there and try again. He also inspires me to do my best because if he gets out he will not care he will just try and try again. This inspires me to do my best because that has happened to me a lot, but I just keep on trying and trying.

Derek Jeter helps kids and charities by donating money. He donates it to a charity called Turn 2. Itís a charity that helps kids turn away from drugs and alcohol. This inspires me to donate to charities like the Turn Two Foundation when I get older.

Derek Jeter is my hero because of his perseverance and because he broke Lou Gehrig's record of 2721 hits in the 2009 season. This inspires me to try my best and go to the best of my ability.

Written by Brendan from Quakertown
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Last changed on: 1/15/2010

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