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by Jacob from Westerville

(Drawn by Jacob)

Johnny Appleseed was born in Leominster, Massachusetts on 1774. He was raised by Elizabeth Chapman and Nathaniel Chapman. They had Johnny and a younger child Nathaniel Jr.

One of Johnny’s most known accomplishments were he made apple orchards. Johnny traveled from house to house telling stories of the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg and he never married.

(Drawn by Jacob)

Johnny had a very sad childhood in the death of his mom and brother. He began his first nursery in the Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania area. He had 11 siblings.

Johnny traveled west and gathered apple seeds from the farmer’s mills. He planted them and sold them. He was a squatter.

(Drawn by Jacob)

Johnny traveled through three states planting apple orchards and selling apple seeds so he could make a name for himself. He warned settlers about the attack on Mansfield, Ohio, in the War of 1812.

When Johnny was 23 he headed west and collected seeds from cider mills. When he was 35 he had enough money to buy land in Ohio. By the time he had died he had planted orchards in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

(Drawn by Jacob)

Johnny Appleseed’s life still was very odd. It was walking and planting apple orchards and walking around with no shoes on. Johnny believed that grafting was wrong and Johnny always grew his apple trees from seeds. Johnny was a vegetarian.

(Drawn by Jacob)

Johnny Appleseed is known as a hero for planting apple orchards for poor families and preaching to pioneers. Johnny was alive when the War of 1812, the Boston Tea Party and the sinking of the The Constitution Ship sank happened.

Written by Jacob from Westerville
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