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by Nikola from Quakertown, New Jersey, United States

Jeff Dunham

My hero is Jeff Dunham. He is a ventriloquist. A ventriloquist is a person that has puppets and makes them look like they are talking. At the same time, you cannot see any vocal movement from the ventriloquist. My favorite puppet of Jeff Dunham is Melvin the Super Hero. I like all of his puppets, but I like Melvin the most. Melvin is funny, but he is not on the show that much. I think he is the best puppet he has.

The things that I like about my hero are that he is funny, inspires people, and entertains people. He is funny because when I watch him, he always makes me laugh. He inspires people because my sister and I always try to be a ventriloquist, but it doesn't turn out very well. He entertains people because he has his own show and many people come to watch.

Melvin the super hero
Jeff makes all of his puppets. I think that is very impressive because it must be hard to make puppets look as advanced as he does. In one of his shows Melvinís hair fell off when he was looking down. I thought that was funny. I wish I knew how to make puppets like him. It must take a long time to build a puppet like that because he makes all of the costumes and puppets. He draws sketches on what they are going to look like and more. That must be hard.

My cousin is the person who first told me about Jeff Dunham. No one in my family watches him but my uncle, cousin, sister, and me. I think everyone else should because Jeff Dunham is very funny. I only watch him when I am at my cousin's house because he knows what channel he is on. I do too, but where he lives is a different number than where I live.

I am glad Jeff Dunham became a comedian because I would be very disappointed if I never saw his act. When I first heard my cousin talk about Jeff Dunham, I didnít know who he was talking about until he showed me who he was. Jeff Dunham is usually on Comedy Central.

Written by Nikola from Quakertown, New Jersey, United States
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Last changed on: 2/16/2011

Jeff Dunham The official Website of Jeff Dunham: Videos, pictures, and news about what he has done

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