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by Ofri & Dor from Holon

Janusz Korzak

Yanush Korzak (Janusz Korczak) is famous because of what he did during the Holocaust. Yanush Korzak was born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1911 he became the principal of an orphanage and school. In the First World War he was a military doctor. In 1918 he moved back to Warsaw.

In the Second World War he tried to return as a military doctor, but he couldn't because he was too old.

Yanush Korzak is a hero because he helped children in the orphanage. He was the children's leader, their teacher, and their friend. He had a lot of patience with them and cared for all of them. He treated his kids like adults. He stayed with them until the sad end, when he was killed by the Nazis for his good deeds.


Written by Ofri & Dor from Holon
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The King of Children Read more about Janusz Korczak, famous children's writer, educator and advocate for children's rights.

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